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Dieudonné ESSOMBA’s Sensible Write-up with Colonial Minded Recommendations








Dieudonné ESSOMBA’s Sensible Write-up with Colonial Minded Recommendations

La Republique du Cameroun’s intellectual and scholar, Dieudonné ESSOMBA is worried about the increasing deaths in Mr. Biya’s declared war on Ambazonia. But his recommendations do not reflect the dream of West Cameroon seekers, not to even talk of Ambazonians. Have an interesting read of his writeup below.


Deaths ! Still dead! Always dead! And a few days ago, the Governor of South-West himself almost passed, his procession having been strafed twice during the installation of a prefect.

The worst thing about this situation is that these events appear more and more ordinary. In any case, we are no longer in these vast movements of emotion that marked the beginning of armed conflicts.

It is a terrible evolution, and the worst that can happen to a country: to integrate as a fact the dismantling of the State by a Secession.

However, things were clear from the start: the Secessionists would never lower their weapons, and will continue their fight until eternity, because in their head, they fight an occupying power, just like the UPC, the SWAPO , the ANC, the FLN and other liberation movements.

It is not a question here of judging whether they are right or wrong, because we are not in court. And it is absolutely useless to recite the great philosophical principles or public morality. It is about taking note that they are bored and that we do not have the operational means to reduce them.

It was a terrible mistake to believe that this movement could be stopped by force. It is not BOKO HARAM formed of foreigners and conveying an anachronistic ideology. It is not a simple rebellion claiming to take power by force and that one can extinguish by beating them or by attrition.

It is a Secession, that is to say, a refusal of a segment of the national community to be part of the whole following a certain pattern, and that you cannot do anything about it. No country in the world can forcibly maintain a community representing 20% ​​of its population in the links of a unitary state. This is valid for everyone, but it is even more so for African countries and Cameroon. For example, Angola, whose formidable military power and fabulous wealth is known, suffers terribly with Cabinda, which represents only 2% of the entire population!

The armed secession is here, and it will never disappear from Cameroon. Because, it is not in nature of secessions to disappear: they feed on the hatred that is transmitted from father to son. Fathers’ successes increase daring and failures increase their hatred. It’s an infernal spiral that we never go out.

It is very unfortunate that the people who surround the Head of State have not fully understood the particular nature of the Secession, which, once again, claims to be a liberation movement and as a result can not be resolved by a descent of the gendarmes, as they thought, against common sense and especially, the severe warnings.

Unfortunately, the wine is drawn, it must be drunk and apply the only relevant solution that is necessary in this kind of opportunity: to oppose to the secessionists a local enemy, having at least the same legitimacy, also mastering the environment, and presenting the same fierceness, the same pride, the same determination. And this enemy is a local state. It is the local state, with elected leaders, maintaining an intense political life, with its barons, its ministers, its intrigues, and a local administration, and a local police that confines this kind of movement to a residual level.

With federal transfers of 250 Billion to a State strengthened by local recipes, the authorities whose eyes glisten gluttony are better able to subdue these people who prevent them from managing their money in peace, because they know each other, family by family, clan by clan, tribe by tribe.

Beyond its functional superiority in every point of view on the unitary state, the federal state now appears as a requirement for the survival of the Cameroonian nation. It is therefore necessary to go there, without embellishment, without evasion, through 5, 10 or 20 states, whatever, the main thing being to solve the English specificity by plunging it into other specificities.

Arrogance and stubbornness cannot be good governance. By bridging the dead-end road of an all-powerful state that claims to force the Anglophones by force to remain in a state form they do not want, the Government is driving Cameroon to ruin.


Originally written in French by Dieudonné ESSOMBA.

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