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Governor Warns Nso Fon: You Cannot Fight The State




Kumbo Water Crisis is yet from over. We recalled that On Thursday 18th, August we reported how there was a heavy deployment of Cameroun military into Kumbo after the Fon of Nso called for a public gathering of the Nso people on Friday, August 19th into his Palace. This came after the Fon addressed a letter to the SDO and requested the SDO to remove ALL the soldiers he placed at the Kumbo Water Tank including their water installations so that the Nso People can treat their water and drink as had been the case since 1991. The Fon also asked that the SDO’s CDE and CAMWATER Engineers should leave ALL their water installations with immediate effect.The Fon went on to warned that should the SDO failed to heed to his requests, he will be held responsible for anything that will happen to him in the Nso land.

The people of Nso went on to heed to their Fon call despite military presence and rain. The Fon in addressing his people partly said ” I have been called to Bamenda and Tobin, by the Governor, and the SDO, at short notice, for meetings on the water crisis. I have done everything possible to find a peaceful solution to this water problem. Since they now say that I am stubborn, I won’t step out of this palace again for any meeting. I will die in this palace. Nobody should provoke the Soldiers. It is not the first time that Soldiers are in Nso land because of this water problem or whatever. Just look at the Soldiers from a distance. We shall all decide the fate of our water. Nobody shall decide on our behalf ”

Governor's Letter to Nso Fon

Governor’s Letter to Nso Fon

It seems the Governor of the North West Region Adolphe Lele Lafrique is not taking the resistance of the Nso Fon lightly. In a letter titled “warning” to the Nso Fon, the Governor wrote ” I have the honour to inform you that the management of potable water in urban and peri-urban milieu is the direct responsibility of the state. While calling you to order, you are hereby instructed to follow the instructions of the Senior Divisional Officer of Bui with regard to the Kumbo Water Authority Crisis. Also, I want you to know that if there is any breach of the peace in Kumbo caused by your behaviour and refusal to submit to the instructions of the local authorities, you will be held entirely responsible ”

The people of Nso hate intimidation, they will likely listen to their Fon anytime any day. Will the Fon bow finally to the SDO? Should they keep on resisting the state?

God is still saying something.

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