Block By Block Endorsement of the Ambazonian Mission

Endorsement of the Ambazonian Mission: And the Way Forward

Why I Support the Southern Cameroons Youth League
Why I Support the Ambazonian Governing Council.

For starters, the Ambazonian Mission is some form of a federation comprising the Southern Cameroons Youth League, SCYL of Dr. Ebenezer D. M. Akwanga and the Ambazonia Governing Council, AGC of Dr. AYABA CHO Lucas with hundreds of thousand of followers at home and abroad. The Ambazonian Mission believes and rightly so in the ‘argument of force’. Here is why I believe that fully throwing our support behind this structure will speedily grant us independence:

1. All peaceful avenues from patience to court cases for the restoration of our statehood have been sufficiently exhausted through the years; first, in the 80s by Nfor Gorji DINKA, the godfather of the Ambazonian nomenclature and as recently as 2003 – 2009 by the SCNC and SCAPO. In 2009, the African Commission for Human and People’s Rights, ACHPR, a subsidiary organ of the UN recommended in its ruling (Comm. 266/2003) that La Republique du CameroUn enter into constructive dialogue with the people of the erstwhile British Southern Cameroons, with the AU offering their good offices as interlocutor. That ruling is currently on Paul Biya’s wastepaper basket. The International Criminal Court, ICC has indicted a slate of African leaders; again, their ruling is on the dustbin of these leaders. Tomorrow, we could rightly win other cases and they end up not being enforced.

Some really smart folks have respectfully argued that a certain Law firm secured independence for Georgia. No! America, as a nation, was bent on seeing the former USSR crumble – and so it did!

International politics is a game of quid pro quo; world powers want to know what they stand to gain. This is the sad reality on how the international political chessboard plays out. The Ambazonian Mission understands this very well and is currently taking strides in engagements.

2. After the outburst of strike actions across the Southern Cameroons leading to mass abductions, murder in cold blood, rape, brutal crackdown of our people by the forces of La Republique du CameroUn, the international community and especially the diplomatic missions in CameroUn have remained sealed lips. Those who have gone an extra mile to comment called the issue, ‘an internal affair’. They have so done because, yes, as things stand, they cannot be seen interfering. A situation such as ours becomes an ‘international affair’ if we take the necessary steps to defend our homeland and forcefully push out these neocolonialists. Such an attempt would fiercely resisted by La Republique du CameroUn. This will result in severe clashes that would cause a humanitarian catastrophe; Southern Cameroonians will aim towards the Nigerian border in droves that would raise the antenna of the UNHCR. International media picks that up and the attention of the world focus on us. It is now an international issue. Our case is easy to resolve as we are a people different from the people of La Republique du CameroUn. We have the right to self determination and a simple UN intervention could give us the referendum vote.

Again, the Ambazonian Mission has been working on this game plan long before most of us knew there were a problem!

3. The struggle requires smart, uniting figures to lead. The Ambazonian Mission is captained by two very fine gentlemen with strong mastery of the stakes and keen attention towards bringing us all together. Never have we ever heard of power struggle or infighting amongst their ranks. These guys place the struggle higher up above their individual aggrandizement. They are humble, focused and their leadership qualities make an unbeatable combination for the success of the struggle.

4. Working without a plan is akin to a scenario where a blind man strays into a Chinese highway. The Ambazonian Mission has a clear-cut realistic game plan that works. They do not pin their trust on some blind optimism that some Good Samaritan institution would brandish a magic wand for us to get to freedom land. They are aware that the struggle requires enormous sacrifices that ought to be matched by swift and bold steps. Their determination is ever stronger; they are aware that freedom will NEVER come on a platter of gold; so are they working tirelessly to match words with action. Some leaders of the Ambazonian Mission have undertaken research programmes in Sudan and are thus equipped with everything we need to learn in this struggle.

5. The Ambazonian Mission is not a new face in the struggle. The leaders have tasted La Republique’s brutality as prisoners of Biya’s jails. They know how it feels! That is why they will stop at nothing to free our homeland and press for the release of our captured leaders through diplomatic compromises. The leaders od the Ambazonian Mission seized Radio Buea in 2009 and declared the independence of the Southern Cameroons. This is the dare devil courage we seek in this struggle. Their leadership would inspire millions of Southern Cameroonian youths to enlist for forceful repatriation of the forces of La Republique du CameroUn. The Ambazonian Mission is focused and underailed. They seek to compliment other movements of the struggle; making sure to not hurt anybody on their path to safe the homeland.

These reasons plus many more have pushed me to declare today Saturday April 8, 2017 my unconditional support for the Ambazonian Mission. I believe that the Ambazonian Mission constitutes a preparedness with the most realistic blueprint for the restoration of the statehood of the British Southern Cameroons. I therefore, without reservation endorse the Ambazonian Mission and I urge all Southern Cameroonians to support them financially, morally and materially.

On their own part, I ask the Ambazonian Mission to reach out to many more youth movements, youth leaders and incorporate them into the body; form a government, proceed to make a statement declaratory that the Southern Cameroons is independent and take proper actions to push away colonialists.


From a federalist to an ‘independentist’. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free!

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Atem Bakia

    April 8, 2017 at 10:01 PM

    I am in and we need to speed up planning and let those of us with military an paramilitary training lead our respective squads to victory. This will be an easy war to fight because unlike LRC military folks who bribed their way into service to take bribes and be rich, we are a patriotic force that does not care about salaries or getting paid an we don’t take or give bribes in Ambazonia. Judging from the horrific videos our of Ambazonia, it is clear that LRC military folks don’t know lot about combat. Once we start, they will give up, run and surrender. We shall not flinch or retreat. We already have an army and navy and once we get it going, it would not take long before we have a “combat ready” air force and Ambazonian marines. Give me 50 Ambazonians with artillery and we shall liberate Eyumojock in a couple of days, take lots of war prisoners and plant our flag, to fall no more. Block by Block, neighborhood by neighborhood.

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