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Southern Cameroons Defense Force Will Liberate Southern Cameroons



In seeking to end the state of political misery under La Republique Du Cameroun, since 1961, the people of Southern Cameroons became a desperate audience for political gymnastics and economic acrobatics; they were a favourable destination for promises and prophesies of political salvation; and heightened their sensitivities on each visit made by UN Officials to the Cameroons. This state of mockery waylaid the aspirations of the good and peace-loving people who yearned and prayed for a life of dignity, daily. Today, finally, Hope has returned in the name of Ayaba Cho Lucas and Nso Foncha Nkem; These courageous sons of destiny have emerged from the disappearing cloud of desperation and despair, to lead the charge in the ultimate survival battle for Statehood and Freedom.

Comrade Nso F. N of SCDF has apparently sworn the sacred oath of Freedom thus committing his remaining days on earth to restore the Statehood of Former British Southern Cameroons. In his ordained mission, he received a mighty hand of comradeship in the spirit of unity from Comrade (Dr) Ayaba C.L Leader of the Ambazonia Governing Council A.G.C. And, in a remarkable display of statesmanship and Leadership, they both prevailed against the temptations of personal ambition in upholding the tenets of our Revolutionary Fraternity. Amongst other things, they agreed to operate within a defensive military outfit and forge common strategies that will end the rein of nightmares and cut the Francophone tap of terror, in the land. In what has been described as an exemplary model of unity, they accepted to work in unison and conspire together inorder to maximise their potentials and meet the highest standards of any rocky challenge.

As part of a covenant with expanding framework, Comrade Nso F. N has been elevated to the highest position of command in all defensive operations (within the Revolution) as the Chief of Staff (C of S). Accordingly, a compromise was reached that completely eliminate the difference between SOCADEF and SCDF. The two have become one as a worthy credit to the sacrificial efforts and willingness of these respectable Gentlemen of good reputation and purpose.

However, we can not not deny that, the combative rhetorics of The C Of S portrays him no less as a shining figure of redemption. Even more, his vast mastery in the domain, eloquence, vigor, rigor, audacity and agility almost naturally combine, in tastful fashion and solidarity, with the Emmancipation Charter. But, it’s his industrial expertise, battle tested experience and commitments that make him a dependable voice, reliable vessel and attractive image.

Well, it’s the way of a Revolution to scrutinise that which the hopes of many may come to depend upon and to guard against extravagance in awarding credits towards unengaged qualities. We can not stop hoping or start dismissing doubts, so quickly, on words and ideas with untested veracity. What should be applauded and emulated on this initiative is the exhibited standard of trust and spirit of comradeship. These two great minds have earned the respect of the Revolution’s core in putting our common interest above the privileges of the moment.

They have agreed to work in tandem to condemn all acts of oppression and aggressions against Southern Cameroons and join their resources to destroy the hydra headed colonial monster, in a robust Defense Apparatus. Other aspects of this optimistic, delicate and highly confidential process would be considered carefully; to enable one to divulge facts not acts, evaluate the scheme not skin and; assess its level of sophistication to the task ahead.

There would be no more naked promises and hiding places for unscrupulous fame chasers in the Revolution. We must endeavour to study different approaches and invest judiciously in what holds the power to deliver freedom and restore the Statehood of Southern Cameroons. And, we must be determined to expose anybody seeking to sabotage credited efforts; bearing in mind the paramount responsibility to protect the Realm.

Until Freedom Comes, We Stand Together!

…Comrade Don Wan-Obi.

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