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The Story Of SAM SOYA: La Republique ISIS Style Beheading










SAM SOYA’s STORY (1973 – 2018)

“The World Must Hear This!”
by N. Rabelais (Lmdd’s Pride)

“Gross Crime Against Humanity” perpetuated by French Republic Of Cameroon (LRC), which is part of an ongoing genocide on the people of former #British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) under the very eyes of #United Nations Organization (UNO), #African Union (AU), #China and the #World at large.

Late Mr. Chiabah Samuel, popularly known for his jovial nature as Sam Soya, Father to 5 children and husband to Mrs. Claudine. He was beheaded at the age of 45years. He was a successor (according to African Tradition, the successor is mostly the humble one who always brings the family together) to his uncle and was living with his family in Belo
Truth be told, he was a young hustler, who had a small provision store there in Belo where he was beheaded alongside 4 others for being Ambazonians (Southern Cameroonians/ English Speaking Cameroonians) including his cousin (pictures attached) (a young business man) who unfortunately was living with him while running his business in Belo (North West Region of Cameroon)
His only crime was the fact that he also used to be a weed (Locally called mbanga) seller while running his provision store. But this wasn’t new since even the police officers in Belo best knew he was a weed seller.

This gross crime against Humanity by LRC arm forces started with a video posted on the 2nd of February 2018 by these LRC soldiers on all social medias. This video (Video attached) shows us a forceful confession of an unknown guy finger pointing Sam Soya for being aware of an attack by Ambazonia Self Defense Forces that led to the dead of a LRC gendarme officer in Belo, Sam Soya was also accused of hiding the gendarme’s gun. The following day, 3rd February 2018, these very LRC soldiers proudly posted pictures of how they have beheaded Sam Soya with the guy who was finger pointing Sam Soya. I later on learned that, 3 other guys (weed smokers) including Sam Soya’s cousin who was like a kid brother to him were also beheaded.

I don’t even want to go into details about the atrocities meted on the people of Former British Southern Cameroons by LRC arm forces for asking a fair share of the National cake, because I won’t know where to start. Should I start with the 65 years granny that was roasted in her own house during burning down of the whole KwaKwa Village by LRC soldiers? Or should I be narrating how all or most of the inhabitants of Manyu County have been chased out from their houses with thousands of them now living as refugees in Nigeria? Talk less of the hundreds killings that took place on 22nd of September 2017 and 1st of October 2017. Today is about Sam Soya, “the World Must Hear This!”

After carrying out my personal investigations, pondering who Sam Soya really was, and what could actually led to such a barbaric art (an art I thought could only be done by ISIS members) by LRC arm forces on civilians, I can say for certain that, Sam was quite a victim of circumstances for this Ambazonia Struggle. Most people think late Sam was a cripple who was beheaded (pictures attached) by LRC arm forces. Actually, he was first of all a victim of 1st October 2017 when Ambazonians declared the Restoration of their Nationhood as it used to be in 1961 under the UN charters. He was shot on his leg (pictures attach) by LRC arm forces on this faithful day during the peaceful protest with peace-plant, only then he was crippled till the end of his days on the 3rd of February 2018. When he was shot on the leg, because of his straightforward and honest life, he received some financial support from friends and family both home and abroad to fruit his hospital bills. I would like to reiterate here that, according to NGO statistics, more than 200 unarmed civilians were killed on this day 1st of October 2017 by LRC arm soldiers for coming out in their numbers protesting in the streets, asking for #UN to restore their Statehood as it used to be in 1961 (UNGA RESOLUTION 1608 (XV), 21st of April 1961) with 64 Countries that voted in favor for the Independence of the people of Former #British Southern Cameroons against 23 Countries (French Republic Of Cameroon) with 10 Abstention Countries. (Picture with results attached).

So because of the inhumane treatment (ceaseless periodical killings and abductions) unleashed on Ambazonians and continuous silence from world organizations, some Ambazonians all over the Ambazonian territory have resulted to Self Defense in accordance to International Laws which led to the dead of one Oppressive LRC Gendarme Officer in Belo. In brutal retaliation of this, instead for LRC Soldiers to carry out proper investigations and attack the assailants, they rather went after innocent civilians to pour their rage on them. This is how Sam fell again as a victim for the Ambazonia Struggle. Since he had past records of selling weed and taking part in the peaceful protest for the liberation of the Ambazonia people, he was abducted late at night in his house alongside with his small cousin living with him and some 3 other weed mates of his in Belo and slaughtered them like cows by LRC arm forces. LRC soldiers even went as far as making a publicity of their atrocity posting the pictures on every social media of how they played on their carcass.

I can’t believe the world saw this and played a blind eye.

As if that wasn’t enough, LRC soldiers later on went to his house, arrested his wife and took her to the Police Station where she was thoroughly trashed, insisting that she must go and show them where her late husband hid the gun, of which they best know that, the Ambazonia Self Defense Forces who attacked and killed their colleague had long gone into the bushes. The next day, some family members went to the mortuary and ask for the remains of their family members. But the mortuary attendant told them that, strict instructions were left behind concerning the 5 slaughtered bodies. Any family member of the slaughtered suspect had to report him or herself first at the police station before taking away the remains for burial.

So Late Sam Soya’s mum later on went to the mortuary this day 15th of February 2018 to pick the remains of her son and that of his cousin to go and bury them, she was first asked to go report herself to the police station, of course a mother is always a mother, she went there and she was asked to fill a form which was even in French (as usual) and sign, of which she did, so when she wrote the names on the form, the Gendarme Officer noticed that she had included Late Sam’s name on the list, he seized the form from her and tore it, telling her that she can only take the remains of the cousin to go and bury, but that, she can’t take that of Late Sam Soya. The mother of course refused to take just one corpse and leave the other, so she abandoned both corpses there and went back home.

As i write this late Sam Soya’s Short Story, for the world to hear and see the atrocities and the ongoing genocide on the people of Former #British Southern Cameroons by French Cameroon Soldiers, Late Sam’s remains are still at the mortuary. On behalf of the People Of Former #British Southern Cameroons, I’m calling on the world, especially #China and #Russia (Since UN has proven to be there to serve only the Interest Of #France, #Britain & #USA) to please use their position as Super Powers to put an end to such barbaric art by a Fellow State on innocent civilians. 36 years in Power, dictator #PaulBiya has taken upon himself (with the blessings of France) to order his soldiers to go on rampage mass killings of English Southern Cameroonians who are fed up of being colonized by LRC for 56 years now.

– Late Sam Soya was 45 years old, and had a provision store of his own
– Late Sam Soya left behind a widow, and 5 children
– Late Sam Soya, was beheaded alongside his friends and cousin by LRC soldiers
– Late Sam Soya was killed for being an Ambazonian.
– Sam Soya – Sam Soya, RIP

N. Rabelais (Lmdd’s Pride

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