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On Tuesday, 6th September 2016, the Ambazonia Governing Council under the leadership of Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas blacklisted six prominent Anglophone politicians for practicing Pan-Cameroun politics. In a communique issued by their spokesman Roland Tewure Fominyam, they said these leaders are not doing politics for the good of the Ambazonia people but for themselves. Part of the communiqué read “Recently we had 16 Ambazonian activists arrested and detained for about 3 weeks, which of these persons ever stood out to speak against the injustices of La Republique du Cameroun against our people? Which of them even bothered to offer them just a cup of water or even a loaf of bread ? They claims on paper about Ambazonia but it is practically not going to be achieved because they are all manipulators ” Read the story here

Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine in a Facebook post has reacted to the communique. In a Facebook post titled ” Southern Cameroons’ Divide”, Ayah wrote:

“Ayah has read with the gravest concern some published “black list” in which his name figures as one of those marked with the sign of perdition. Although the alleged authors of the list could be dismissed as only insane individuals labouring under delirium, second thoughts have led Ayah to react. To say the least, such are incidents that conjure up the ugly picture of South Sudan. Here are people who fought together for decades for their liberation. Only to be torn apart no sooner than liberation had come!

Our case is all the worse. Some sectarian hooligans have already arrogated to themselves the mandate to speak for us. At best, they are conducting themselves not any better than their semi-illiterate or, better still, illiterate parents of the fifties and sixties. One finds it difficult to find any milder words for persons unaware of the English saying, counseling that we should not count our chicks before they are hatched. Or even the local adage that we should not dispute elephant meat until the elephant has been killed.

And our concern is not unfounded. Just cry out “thief” in our community today and the mob drags the person to the stake: even when innocent. The “black list” is such ideal instigation! There is no question of minority.
One of the most unfortunate repercussions of those irresponsible publications is the retardation of the very freedom they profess to have in focus. There is first the temptation to ponder if it is not better the devil one knows. And then the necessity for self-defence through the right of preemption! Pragmatically of course is the preeminence of infighting in unfortunate departure from the common purpose.

The ugly past ends up not playing any negligible part. And then, the question about the wisdom of shaking off one yoke only to wear another comes to the fore: whether the unknown prospective yoke may not even burden much more.
We would like these fellows who found sanctuaries on foreign lands by fraudulent means and are now preaching from the throne of Lucifer to know some important truth. Americans did not fight the war of independence while in sanctuaries in Southern Cameroons. Europeans did not overthrow dictatorships fighting from American land. Those who fled the land from cowardice should stop dividing the people! The real people! They should keep their big moths shut!
And what if one added this? Gone is the era when grade three teachers lorded it over intellectuals among us! From barren lands!
Those who have ears let them hear! SHEGEH!…”

God is still saying something.

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