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Of National Mourning Day: Mecca or Boko Haram Victims?



Misplaced Priorities ?

President Paul Biya has declared Friday 16th October as a national mourning day in honour of the mecca stampede which claim scores of lives. While we cannot disregard the lives of Cameroonians killed in the stampede, the Government of Paul Biya should show equality and pay more respect to those killed in the north of Cameroun and most soldiers who lost their lives.

Some political pundits hold that President Paul Biya is right not to declare a national day of mourning for victims of Boko Haram because the war is on-going. They believe it is only after the war must have ended that he could now declare a national mourning day.

Others hold the view that, declaring a national mourning day in honour of the victims show a form of defiance against the terrorists. Such a move would tell the terrorists that the movement or activities of the state would not be dictated by them and that as a nation, Cameroonians will defeat them. Others say addressing the nation specifically on this will show strength and give motivation to the soldiers and citizens of Cameroun.

It should be recalled that President Paul Biya, the Cameroun dictator has however never personally decorated dead soldiers  or paid a visit to the war zone.

What do you think? Is President Biya right to declare a national mourning day for Mecca victims and ignore Boko Haram victims? Your thoughts.

God is still saying something.

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