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A Cameroonian US based professor Patrice Nganang is insinuating that those 300 soldiers are Cameroonians who have been forced to flee the country, went to the US, studied and have now become US soldiers. He contends that those same soldiers would ‘ marche sur Yaounde’ (lay siege on Yaounde and oust President Biya.
Solomon Amabo Amabo then added ” By implication we would have US soldiers (with names like US Soldier Mbock..US Soldier Neba…US Soldier Ekema…US soldier Kamga… US Soldier Bakary…US soldier Onana…. etc if they had not picked up Western names… Would this be a curse or a blessing at this present dispensation? He went on to castigate President Paul Biya for having exorbitant powers. Amabo frowns at the fact that, Paul sits in his office, picks up his phone(literally) and calls on President Obama to send American soldiers to Cameroon without consulting or inforling his Parliament, a parliament in which he has a majority of parliamentarians.
Kah Wallah of CPP added ” Why do we as Cameroonians find out that American soldiers will be on our soil, only when the American President goes to consult his Congress. When did our own president consult the National Assembly and inform the people?
Why does our government treat the citizens to whom this country belongs as if we had no rights and no say? What does it say about us as Cameroonians that despite our very physical security being threatened, we continue to allow a government that is incompetent, lacks proactivity and has no respect for our basic rights as citizens to continue? If not NOW, then when?”
Ayah Paul Abine, one of the Chief judges at the supreme Court sounded very skeptical, here him “I said it! Yes, I did caution!
Now, look at what’s happening! The very day we learnt the Yankees are coming in 300 soldiers, Germany disclosed they are sending a military attache to their embassy in Yaounde… Coincidence? … Well,you are entitled to your opinion. But mine is that the ordinary Cameroonian needs to know what’s in the offing. We who have no bank accounts abroad. We who have only one home, and it is in Cameroon. We who have no jet planes to ferry us out into safety at short notice. We that RFI, BBC, CNN, would gloss over our demise…The few have no right to commit us without our knowledge and consent. They have no right of life and death over us. We want to know what is happening. Even if only for us to say our last prayers! Those are inalienable RIGHTS!
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God is still saying something.

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