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Kumbo Denizens Defied SDO, Hail Their Fon




Kumbo Water Crisis: On Thursday 18th, August BaretaNews reported the heavy deployment of Cameroun military into Kumbo after the Fon of Nso called for a public gathering of the Nso people on Friday, August 19th into his Palace. This came as the Fon claimed that the government was planning to sell off the Kumbo Water Scheme to CAMWATER and CDE. The SDO reacting to the Fon’s call had banned any such public gathering in Kumbo.

In the same letter addressed to the Senior Divisional Officer by the Fon of Nso SEHM Mbinglo on August 16th, the Fon gave the following ultimatum to the SDO:

– Remove ALL the soldiers you placed at our Water Tank and all our water installations so that the Nso People can treat their water and drink as had been the case since 1991

– Ask your CDE and CAMWATER Engineers to leave ALL our water installations with immediate effect.

The Fon warned the SDO that should he failed to do the above, he will be held responsible for anything that will happen to him in the Nso land.

Information reaching BaretaNews indicated that the Soldiers were all over Kumbo. The Nso people defied the rain and the soldiers and turned out massively at the palace.

Kumbo Denizens in Fon's Palace

Kumbo Denizens in Fon’s Palace


The Fon of Nso went on to thank his people for waiting so long. He said ” I am glad that not even the rain deterred you from honouring my summons. This is the month that a son of Nso (Fonlon) who brought our water, died. It is again another son of Nso who has taken our water and given to the government. I have now been told that this water that we have been managing for over 40 years belongs to the government. I have equally heard that I am stubborn. This water belongs to Nso people and will continue to be the property of Nso people. From this moment, all Nso people should buy pipes and install water in their houses, free of charge, and report to me accordingly.”

The Fon continued

“…Those who have meters should remove all of them and bring to me immediately. I hear the SDO says we should drink water free for 3 months. I have said that we shall drink the water free for 1 year. Nso Sons and Daughters of goodwill like Fonlon, shall provide chemicals for us to treat the water. I have been called to Bamenda and Tobin, by the Governor, and the SDO, at short notice, for meetings on the water crisis. I have done everything possible to find a peaceful solution to this water problem. Since they now say that I am stubborn, I won’t step out of this palace again for any meeting. I will die in this palace. Nobody should provoke the Soldiers. It is not the first time that Soldiers are in Nso land because of this water problem or whatever. Just look at the Soldiers from a distance. We shall all decide the fate of our water. Nobody shall decide on our behalf. That’s all…” The Fon concluded

We are told the people gave a thunderous ovation to the Fon as they were totally satisfied with the decision of the Fon. BaretaNews learned there is total feasting in Bars, ‘Mfevir’ and ‘Nkang’ houses in Kumbo and environs as most of the soldiers are back to their barracks.

It still remains to be seen how this crisis will end

God is still saying something.

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