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Ambazonia War Of Independence: Persons With Disabilities Cry Foul



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Ambazonian War Of Independence: Persons With Disabilities Cry Foul

By Mbah Godlove

Hours to the commemoration of their international day, persons with disabilities entrapped in the ongoing Ambazonian conflict have decried its horrendous consequences on them.

Some leaders of disability associations revealed that thousands of their peers have been completely abandoned to toil in the heat of the deadly four-year war whose end, they say, is seemingly far fetched.

Ngong Peter Tonine, President of the Hope Social Union for the Visually Impaired, HSUVI, Bamenda, told TWIF NEWS weeks ago that the conflict has had an adverse effect on the socio-economic and political life of persons with disabilities.

“Persons with disabilities who were breadwinners in their families before 2016 have now been reduced to baggers because of the unending crisis,” he said.

As the seemingly forgotten persons continue to sweat in the brunts of the war of freedom, it is hoped that Ambazonians of goodwill reach out to them especially during this festive period.

Thousands of these persons with disabilities in Ambazonia will, on Thursday, December 3, join the rest of the world to observe the 29th edition of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

This day usually allows persons with various disabilities to articulate their plights and press for full inclusion into mainstream society.

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