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Petit Pays Disgrace Mayor Ekema, Cancels Event in Buea.



On Thursday, December 29th 2016, BaretaNews made known of a circular going around the city of Buea from the office of the Colonial Mayor, Mr Patrick Ekema. The circular signed by the deputy Mayor invites the people of Buea to rally at Bongo square on December 31st as from 6pm to listen to Mr. BIYA so-called speech on large screens while celebrating the end of year.

BaretaNews maintains that the circular from the Mayor is an insult to the first order. We are told the colonial mayor just came back from a secret meeting he had with the Prime Minister in Yaounde. The objective of his rally is to show that nothing is happening and that the people are happy with Paul Biya. If we must watch Mr. BIYA speak, we can do it from home. Buea people are called not to give the colonial mayor this pleasure. We must keep standing with the lawyers and teachers.

We are still in the struggle for the collective survival of Anglophone Cameroon. We are still mourning our people that were shot dead. Most of our compatriots are still in jail. We must not go out to celebrate Mr. BIYA by watching him on large screens.

The information released on social media seemed to have gotten to the right quarters. Today, December 30th, Southern Cameroonians gave the colonial Mayor a huge blow. Petite Pays who was invited by Mayor Ekema to his End of Year Show on December 31st where Biya speech was scheduled to be played on a large screen has canceled the event. The manager of Petit Pays says the artist was not aware of the gravity of the situation in Southern Cameroons.

It should be recalled that the diaspora had called and pressured the Manager of Petit Pays that they will boycott all event of the artist abroad should he accept the invitation of Ekema. We are told Petit Pays will hand the money paid already back to Ekema. So no Petit Pays in Buea. Let’s see if Ekema will continue with the show of Biya speech.

Social media will keep on the pressure. We call on Buea Denizens to intensify the boycott and make sure no one goes to watch Biya organized speech by the Mayor.

The resistance continues.

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