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It’s About Time the Fons and Chiefs in Ambazonia Remain Quiet or Tradition Disgraces them.



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It’s About Time the Fons and Chiefs in Ambazonia Remain Quiet or Tradition Disgraces them.

Two days ago, a beautiful handwritten communique purportedly signed by 11 nameless Fons from Batibo in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia, surfaced on social media. In the said communique, the so called Fons are asking their people to corporate with terrorist forces of La Republic du Cameroun (LRC) in their ISIS and genocidal driven mission in Ambazonia. The Fons claim that the colonial agents are searching for the colonial Divisional officer for Batibo, arrested by ADF on the 11th February, 2018. Is the said D.O still missing?

It is unfortunate that the Fons and chief, who use to be HIGHLY RESPECTED custodians of tradition and true representatives of the people’s voices have for money reasons, sided with colonial officers to maimed and kill their own people. Instead of coming out with their powerful traditional institutions to defend their people when faced with marauding terrorists from Yaoundé, they stay mute because their mouths are already stained with corrupt colonial oil. They are only quick to come out and condemn their own citizens when they resort to self-defense and the colonial agents are under danger. They don’t care when colonial forces spill the blood of their own people to desecrate the land of their ancestors.

All what the Fons and Chiefs now think of is how much they will make as money from the colonial regime. They now leave their Sacred Shrines and Palaces to go die in road accidents in foreign LRC in search of bread crumbs from a slave master in Yaoundé. What a pity.

On the 22nd of September, 2017 and 1st October, 2018, Ambazonians were massacred by the colonial forces for marching and singing with peace plants. Many were killed in Batibo and others kidnapped and taken to Yaoundé. We are still to read a communique from the Fons of Batibo condemning these acts and calling for the release of all those illegally held in Yaoundé. When a colonial agent is arrested, by unidentified forces, they sign communiques condemning their people and asking them to cooperate with the enemy who has been killing their own people.

The Ambazonian revolution has reached a stage where any internal hindrance to its progress shall be crushed accordingly. At this juncture, the Fons and Chiefs, including the so-called elites should know what their people want. If Southern Cameroons Chiefs cannot stand for the people, BaretaNews, the People’s Platform wants to humbly advise them to go into their TRADITIONAL SHRINES and stay there until this revolution is over. It is either they are defending their subjects or they remain silent. If all their subjects are killed by Yaoundé, they will not have subjects to control.

This is a delicate moment in this revolution, a moment where tradition will not be able to protect a traitor Fon or Chief against his own people. The events of the past years in Babanki land and other areas should remind them that the gods do not protect a sellout Fon or Chief. If they have eaten enough from the enemy to the extent where they can’t defend their people, they should simply go into the inner Chambers of their palaces and remain there.

No Fon, Chief or whosoever, shall be allowed to play politics with the blood of innocent Ambazonians. Such a Fon or Chief shall be heavily resisted and if possible sent to join his ancestors. The people of Akwaya already set an example and the rest should learn from it.

The Fons of Batibo who purportedly signed that communique should asked the colonial government of LRC where the missing colonial D.O is and stop harassing the people of Batibo. They know where he is and they should come out and tell the truth of what happened to him after he was arrested by the ADF.

In the main time, the people of Batibo should be very vigilant and if possible, take all necessary precautionary security measures to defend themselves against a planned invasion by the colonialists. In fact, they should not hesitate to hold Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam and all the Fons of Batibo to account should anything happens to them. We are here today because they chose to deceive the people on the 22nd September, 2017, and even cooperated with the enemy to arrest their own youths.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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