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La Republique Cultural Genocide in Southern Cameroons



Before the 11th of February 1961 National Tragedy in Southern Cameroons, the people respected the dead, honoured their corpses but paid attention to the living and afforded protection to the dignity and integrity of those alive. Today, however, Southern Cameroonians organise a foray of exorbitant ceremonies and rituals for the dead while no reasonable care is given to those with medical problems. Worst even is an outrageously under funded health sector by La Republique Du Cameroun.

The political tragedy spoken of is not just remembered as a painful memory of any unfortunate event but it’s a decaying sore with unending nightmare; that has led to a social disaster beyond proportion and an irrecoverable economic calamity. The catastrophic social attitude of most Southern Cameroonians is not the natural consequence of evolution witnessed in some places but a lamentable sabotage of a once protective and prestigious culture of Former British Southern Cameroons, by La Republique Du Cameroun, in furtherance of a heinous Annexation Agenda.

This often disregarded area in examining the exact extend of the inhumane damage caused in facilitating the complete annexation of Southern Cameroons, is for many reasons the key hole in the calculations and penetration of the colonial instrument that is spreading its misery across every sector in this English-speaking Entity.

However inappropriate it may seem, providing continuous hospitality to the vast majority of Francophones or citizens of La Republique Du Cameroun in Southern Cameroons will exacerbate the crisis situation and exterminate the culture of Southern Cameroons. Perhaps one should admit that accepting the huge influence of foreign presence with such powerful and treacherous political designs can only mean a calculated strategy for domestic cultural annihilation; which is the infamous way of exporting a substantial power of any nation abroad.

So, It’s not an act of kindness, unity or something to credit a people for; allowing the massive flocking-in of individuals with a different and contemptuous culture, in unrestricted numbers, is precipitating a takeover in the most peaceful and spectacular fashion. What has happened in the former British Southern as occurred in many different places but we must not look beyond our territory for reasons to curb a dangerous practice or understand our desperate situation. Southern Cameroonians in Limbe (former Victoria) have been unable to implement the calls for ghost towns by the Consortium while the local Chiefs have become redundant in their own tranditional sphere of influence. This is beyond the Malmo situation in Sweden, skepticism in the rise of the Chinese population in most countries, the domination and effects of the presence of Russians in neighbouring European and Baltic Nations, the powerful authority of the white immigrant community in African societies like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia etc.

The presence of Francophones in Southern Cameroons is not the problem but that, as a Policy of Annexation, Domination and Assimilation; the government of La Republique Du Cameroun through various and unending schemes is intentionally undermining the people and cultures of Southern Cameroon in the worst ever experience. Not only are they transported people, they have imported a culture with tremendous consequences, acquired our lands and properties through a State sponsored conspiracy headed by government officials.

These, and many other reasons can be attributed to why Southern Cameroons are considerably retarded, weak, vulnerable, unambitious and unadventurous. The bars or drinking spots run through out the day, French is the Language of survival and an explosive sexual habit is advertised on the streets, the neighborhoods are experiencing changes in behavioural patterns, traditions are becoming obsolete and politics is creating and deeping divides amongst elders. If the alarms are not raised, it will be too late to recover or regain confidence in ourselves, in a land, handed over to us by our forefathers.

Until Freedom Comes, We Stand Together.
…Comrade Don Wan-Obi

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