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Grand National Biyalogue Is Hogwash And CPDM Rally In Disguise- Victoria SDF Youth Warrior






One of the detained Southern Cameroons Youth, Mr. Godden Zama, who was arrested at the same period with Balla and released at the same time has described the current so-called Grand National Dialogue as a replica of the failed move from former Southern Cameroons First Slave Philemon Yang, Cameroun PM. Zama, himself a one time SDF Youth warrior in Victoria has said the Biyalogue is a CPDM rally in disguise. He made the declaration recently in a public statement on Facebook. He writes:


The “Grand National Dialogue” in its current content and context doesn’t have the competence to address the crisis. Period !!! I see no fundamental difference between what PM Ngute is doing today and what P.M Yang did before. If anything the build-up has the feeling of a major campaign rally for the CPDM. PM Yang organized this same event at the regional level, the only difference between what he did and what is currently going on is the scale and grandiosity.

The government seems to be more focused on QUANTITY, trying to give the image of a great come together between the Sons and Daughters of the Nation. The Grand National Dialogue true to its name would be a Grand Bureaucratic Event unable to deliver on the hopes and aspirations of the people. Salient issues would not be discussed. 1961 or 1972 would not be discussed. The format would not be changed and as it is isn’t convenient for topics of this nature.

The Constitutional council scenario would play again. Live coverage, the semblance of truth at the end of the day nothing would happen. My only joy is the truth shall not waiver. The voice of the silent majority would remain strong.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John Chichester

    September 20, 2019 at 4:45 AM

    The Biya “Dialogue” is just another idea to push his Gaslight agenda to the world and the UN.. Problem is, they are more than willing to swallow it!

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