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Hon. Joseph Wirba Writes to Ni John Fru Ndi: During Trying Moments, You Led Me Down



On March 7th, 2017 Hon. Joseph Wirba expressed his disappointment at the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) for his silence all through his ordeal while in Cameroon. It should be recalled that Hon. Wirba was that fearless, courageous and charismatic SDF Minister of Parliament who stood up for the people of Southern Cameroons in his one-time emancipation speech at the National Assembly in Yaounde.

This earned him the nickname “WIRBAFORCE” linked to the commonly used slogan “when the sugar refuses to melt.” Furthermore, he demonstrated his abilities as a true leader and hero during his rally in Kumbu-Northwest Region. Even after enormous pressure and fruitless efforts from government administrators to frustrate the rally, he still emerged a hero following massive turn-outs at the rally. Since then, Hon. Wirba is recognised as the people’s mouthpiece.

During this period, Hon. Wirba continued to be vocal in his write-ups on the Southern Cameroons struggle. It was alleged he was to be arrested by government security agents of La Republique. Like the case of Justice Ayah, Barrister Agbor Balla and Dr Fontem Niba, Hon. Wirba’s arrest was certain even though his immunity as an SDF Member of Parliament was still intact. However, Hon. Wirba took a step ahead of his enemies by fleeing for his life. It is during this period that he expressed his disappointment to his leader and Chairman Fru Ndi in a very emotional letter. He writes:

“Your Excellency, as your son and one of those who stood up to be counted at the birth of the SDF, I owe you the truth about how I feel. My truth is that during this very trying moment, you my leader did not stand by me or even speak up for me when I needed it most! I may be wrong my Chairman, but I think that your complete silence on such a capital issue I raised, and which touched every West Cameroonian at home and abroad at heart, encouraged our oppressors to hunt me down with impunity! Your silence made me realise that I was on my own and being a man who can stand on his own feet, I went ahead to defend our people and myself the best way I could. And thanks be to God the People stood by me, defended me, protected me and kept me safe.”

He concluded: “When I took the bold step to cry out against the regime’s systematic enslavement of the people of West Cameroon, I knew what the consequences could be; disapproval and rejection from some, jail, exile and even death. I have no regrets at all. If the price I have to pay for standing up for our people is my life, then it is a price I stand ready to pay.”

Meanwhile, Southern Cameroonians responded with much disappointment on Fru Ndi, a majority call on him to stop playing the game of the regime and speak up for what is right. BaretaNews applauds Hon. Wirba’s sign of maturity in addressing Fru Ndi and hopes Fru Ndi will respond accordingly.


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