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Anglophone Detainees Must Boycott Court Seesions Indefinitely







Why Anglophone Detainees Must Hence Boycott Court Sessions Indefinitely: Penn Terence Shows Strength

He was the Vice Principal CCAS Bamenda when abducted. He was scheduled to appear in Court today. BaretaNews learned it was supposed to be a day of sentencing for some.

However, being fed up with the system in place and in strong solidarity, Penn Terence decided to boycott the military court in solidarity with Njinoh Titus who was sentenced in absentia.

We learned Penn Terence says the court can go ahead too and sentence him in absentia.

I, Personally think at this stage of the revolution, all those in captivity should boycott going to any court. It is a waste of time. The constant court adjournments are all time wasting and a political tool to punish our people. The outcome of the court is known already. There is no need going to the courts anymore. All Ambazonians in La Republique jails are political prisoners and political prisoners don’t need the courts. They are released through a political solution because there is nothing to defend in court as there is no case in point. Our people in those jails should collectively make a decision to indefinitely boycott any court hearing. They are already in la Republique dragnets and the enemy has only options-to jail them.

The hope and the good news our people in jail must understand is that, no matter how long they stay in those jails, this revolution is not ending without all of them being out. The first ever thought to end this revolution would be to release all political prisoners. This is why we do not focus anymore on those in jails. We focus on ground zero and self defense so that through these actions, it will stipulate diplomacy and their eventual release.

I call on all ‘Anglophones’ in the Cameroons jails in line with this revolution to forget going to courts and just keep counting their days in jail knowing fully well that they will be out. It’s a necessary sacrifice they are paying and no court will led them out. Only our actions on ground zero will do that. This is why we must fund self defense like mad cows as never done before.

Mark Bareta

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