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Self Defense Groups And The Block By Block Approach







Self Defense Groups And The Block By Block Approach.

We must as a matter of fact stop the nonsense mentality from Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora to affect or infect those back home especially when it comes to ground Zero actions. As far as I am concerned and with the wealth of knowledge I can boast of, the foot soldiers or call them restoration forces are very much United. Back in ground zero, these restoration forces are only focusing in defending homeland. They do not have time for innuendos on social media. These able warriors who are fighting a trained and occupied army, are only bothered about their survival and not who is doing what. All they need from us are our resources and support.

The most effective collaboration in this revolution is coming from those on ground zero, I mean the restoration forces. On several occasions, teams from different groups have always come to beef up others. These groups share resources, intelligence etc to stay safe. These foot soldiers are very much aware that it is either they kill or they will be killed and we must not distract them with our innuendos here in the diaspora.

Several self defense groups are coming up building from the block by block approach initiated by comrade Ayaba Cho Lucas. Ambazonians have now come to the reality that they have to build their own units and defend their blocks. And most often , these groups coming up are doing so without any support. They do it locally, their own way. On ground zero, these groups know how to identify themselves. We must not infect them with our rubbish in the diaspora. They remain pure and we must uphold their purity.

These groups collaborate with each other no matter the number. As far as we are concern, we have ADF, Tigers, SOCADEF, ARA as the four main defense groups on ground zero scattered everywhere no matter the number. We have dozens of other local defense groups who have pledged loyalty to any of the above four groups and they work as such while keeping their local names. Some in due time will go full fledged operational and independent . In many operations, we have different units collaborating that is why most often we of this platform uses the word restoration forces as a general term to include all fighters on ground zero.

I am taking my time to say these things without giving details because we must protect the purity of our foot soldiers and avoid persons trying to corrupt them back home with some foolish mentality. In Lebialem for example, I can authoritatively state that the restoration forces there are mix no matter the number, some come over from Manyu to join and fall back etc, in this County we have the Tigers, ARA, SOCADEF, ADF and what is known as Lebialem Self Defense Forces which includes individuals just doing their stuff. These forces no matter the number exist there with Tigers being the most old group working there as far back as Consortium days though under cover.

Let us individually and collectively support our foot soldiers without trying to drive a rift between them. Please let’s allow them be. They have a larger task ahead rather than these our foolish social media outings.


NB: If I have to say all that I know in terms of ground zero military tactics, actions etc on social media then La Republique would have it easy. We have learned to see something say nothing until it materialises. The future is bright.

Mark Bareta

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