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French Cameroun Military Commanders Panic As Soldiers Flee Battlegrounds



French Cameroun Military Commanders Panic As Soldiers Flee Battlegrounds

By Mbah Godlove

Some French Cameroun top military leaders are said to be in panic as many of its soldiers, deployed across Ambazonia escape day after day.

Despite providing what they qualify as sophisticated military weaponry to their troops; fighting against Ambazonian forces, hundred of them are said to be defecting.

The situation, according to sources, has left French Cameroun’s military Barrons worried as they wonder about their fate in the ongoing Southern Cameroons war of liberation.

Over 600 colonial soldiers have reportedly dropped their uniforms and weapons, escaping to unknown destinations in the last 3 months, BaretaNews has gathered.

Meantime, top Ambazonian Generals and Commanders say they have got all that it takes to obliterate all traces of the forces of occupation in their territory.

While colonial military leaders remain worried over their fate in the war, it is rather business as usual, for Restoration Fighters across the Northern and Southern Zone who are said to be in high moral.

This is reflected in the results from various battlegrounds in the past days as several colonial forces are being brought to earth.

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