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Dreaming Of An Equitable Ambazonia- A Bovet Maloba Opinion



Interim Government of Buea



Southern Cameroons is at war, building the next state will take honesty

By Bovet Maloba


After six decades of subjugation from FrancAfrique and Cameroun, the people of Southern Cameroons you can call them Ambazonians have finally been emancipated from mental slavery. Today, 90% of Ambazonians are celebrating their independence by parading their beautiful flags everywhere. In most sporting events around the globe, you will see Ambazonian contenders parading their beautiful white and blue flags. Ambazonians were overwhelmed with joy a couple of days ago in Germany when the greatest Pan Africanist of our time Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba popularly known as PLO Lumumba recognized Ambazonia in an African cultural event in front of a massive crowd of Africans and Europeans.

It’s been a long struggle which reached its apex in 2016, between 2016 and today, Cameroun has burnt down about 208 Ambazonian villages, killed about 10.000 Ambazonians directly and indirectly, about 3 million internally displaced persons, about 150.000 refugees around the globe and about 4,000 Ambazonian prisoners. Through all these but we are still standing and we are already making suggestions for the future of our great Ambazonia.

What happens when we finally get to Buea? When we are there, Ambazonia contenders for the presidency should sign a Memorandum of understanding-MOU to visit Ambazonia hospitals when sick instead of foreign hospitals and that their children will attend Ambazonian schools instead of foreign schools. All ministers and government officials should sign a similar agreement if we truly want good schools and hospitals in Ambazonia.

We don’t want another  Cameroun situation where leaders will neglect local health structures and run abroad for superior health services. Ambazonians and their leaders must receive similar health services, the same holds for education, no leader will send their children abroad for education if it’s not scholarship. There will be a scholarship board to select the best students for foreign scholarships based on merit and not because you are from the elite class.

We must also introduce an equitable health insurance system in Ambazonia which will enable everyone to enjoy quality health care at anytime.

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  1. Mbeuh

    August 9, 2019 at 12:19 PM

    @Bovet Maloba

    You have barely scratched the surface of a very long list of reforms envisaged for administrators of our beautiful Ambazonia.
    First off there MUST be declaration of assets upon any official taking office. The privilege to serve must be a calling and NOT an opportunity to enrich oneself. From time to time and as necessary, top government officials must report to the legislative assembly and be evaluated on their individual and department performance.

    Government MUST publish a monthly, quarterly or yearly oil & gas production and sales receipt for Ambazonians to know how much money is coming in. Contracts for projects MUST be awarded to Ambazonian companies and professionals first before consideration of foreign applicants except where Ambazonian expertise in such area is lacking. School attendance MUST be compulsory and free from primary through at least high school, if not University. Our land is blessed with abundant resources to make that possible. The working structure must be reformed to measure production and reward pay by the hour in 8 or 12 hour shifts thus allowing for flexibility to engage in other activities. The current system of waiting for monthly salaries is too long. Employees MUST be paid weekly or fortnightly

    My god, the list of reforms will be very long indeed distinguishing Ambazonia from corruption-ridden LRC. I hope that day is drawing nigh. God speed the revolution. God bless our fighters. God bless Ambazonians.

    • Jon

      August 10, 2019 at 2:22 AM


  2. Sunshine

    August 9, 2019 at 4:38 PM

    Bieya is killing Ambazonians to please francophones

    Honesty and Respect will surely build a strong Ambazonia. Honesty and Respect will curb the mistrust that degenerates people and plunges them into the kind of sewer our neighboring francophone country is wallowing in now. Instead of building strong institutions to serve citizens, they built monstrous despots who plunder, kill, mime and destroy everyone to stay in power. The two cubes of stolen sugar they tried to dissolve in their sewer evolved into an avalanche that is sweeping their despot and their francophone country into the lake of fire.

    • Jon

      August 10, 2019 at 3:05 AM

      You people will parade flags till JESUS comes. People parade all things of flags, rainbow, green, Rosicrucian, Freemansonry, etc.

      Where was Angela Merkel? Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba recognised ambazonia in USA a few months ago? How many times does he wants to recognise ambazonia? Why has he not convinced his country, Kenya, to recognize ambazonia? You guys are now just GRASPING AT STRAWS!!!

      Judge Ebong Frederick Alobwede (RIP) proclaimed the independence of ambazonia on the night of December 30-31, 1999. And after that, he continued to work for LRC. SHAMEFUL! Another ambazonian independence was declared on October 1, 2017. How many independence does ambazonia needs? A million? When is the next declaration? It will surely be HILARIOUS!

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