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Laurent Esso And His Devilish Deeds- Mr. Ambe Emmanuel Reveals All








LAURENT ESSO – Devils Advocate by Ambe Emmanuel

His identity is unmistakable, his image is highly recognizable, and his deeds are highly evil, macabre and macabre. In brief, he is the DEVILs ADVOCATE. He is dreaded by many, including his subordinates who do their best to stay out of his way because crossing his way is tantamount to crossing the valley of DEATH. He is a vicious, highly vindictive, blood thirsty and a potentially dangerous man. While his names resound the SAWA origin, his deeds and his lineage point to the North Region where it is purported that he has a paternal lineage with GARGA HAMAN ANDJI who is also an ally with the Prince of Darkness. Yes, that is LAURENT ESSO, current Minister of Justice. He has occupied several ministerial portfolios including the post of SECRETARY GENERAL AT THE PRESIDENCY. He is among those who are known as the CONSTANTS of the Biya regime. Having shared such close physical, professional and spiritual ties with Biya, this man like many other cohorts have become untouchables in this country: siphoning of State Funds, Usurping, Peddling Influences, Confiscating peoples properties and peoples wives, Imprisoning and detaining people unjustly and even killing other citizens and getting away with their crimes.


when the strike began, LAURENT ESSO made quite some annoying declarations, when his attention was sought by the press to intervene, he mentioned in public conclave that the public should forget about the lawyers; that he gives them just 02 weeks and when they get hungry they will come running back to court, the 02 weeks have now become 09 months with no sign of the resumption of the courts in the near future . LAURENT ESSO also reminded the lawyers that their immunity rests within the confines of the Court room so they should not for once imagine that they are above the Law
LAURENT ESSO warned the lawyers that if they took to the streets they will be treated like common criminals and that is exactly what happened as our lawyers were severely beaten in open public, some were rubbed in the mud and their wigs and robes were confiscated till date and they have not been refunded in BAMENDA, BUEA, MUYUKA, TIKO and in many parts of Southern Cameroon territory, with OKALIA BILAI and the South West Attorney General acting under firm instructions from LAURENT ESSO. Many lawyers were detained and tortured and many are still in detention till date, while many others have fled for their dear lives, thanks to one man, LAURENT ESSO. There are very few lawyers around town now as most chambers have been closed and their occupants have sought refuge in other countries. The population dreads Lawyers Chambers now for fear of victimization.
When the grapes got sour the same LAURENT ESSO brandished translated copies of OHADA/CIMA codes to the Press. Though it had taken the Government more than 20 years to translate these codes into English, LAURENT ESSO claimed that the translations had been done 20 years ago. Later, he granted a Press Conference where he mentioned that from firm instruction of the Head of State, a Common Law Jurisdiction will be created at the Supreme Court, in ENAM and in all State Universities, the same things the lawyers were calling for. One wonders if this man is a human being or a zombie.


She lost her baby in a hospital scam that involved a top Government Official and the hospital Administration a few years back. Defiant as she was like a true mother, she went to lengths including a Law Suit and media frenzy to lobby public opinion to her case in a bid to recover her baby. This frenzy dragged on for several months and it saw the self proclaimed multipurpose minister ISSA TCHIROMA mount the rostrum severally to give us judicial lessons and to side with the Government over the theft of the baby in question. While at court, the matter was presided over by Government Agent magistrate JEAN FILS NTAMACK but the invisible hand of the LAURENT ESSO could not be undermined in swaying Justice to favour the Regime against the victim who lost her baby shortly after delivery, while the media had brandished overwhelming evidence against the government in that regard. VANESSA TCHATCHOU finally got an international award from the WHITE HOUSE (purportedly from MICHELLE OBAMA) as a modern day freedom fighter


Memories of the many Cameroonian women who lost their lives in the Mimboman neighborhood in what was known as ritual killings remains vivid in our short term memories. Many girls were discovered dead with their sex organs (breasts and vagina) decapitated as well as other body parts. With this being a society of cultists, ritualists and Satanists, there was no denying the fact that these ladies all died for the diabolical intentions of those who practice such activities. A man hunt was launched and a few culprits were brought to book. After a few shady court appearances these detainees were all discharged and acquitted and the case was thrown out of court by the same magistrate, JEAN FILS NTAMMACK above. Once again, we see the hand of the LAURENT ESSO who plays the role of the State Prosecutor. The Government town crier mounted the stage to defend Government’s position.


He was brutally murdered in the streets of Yaoundé under the strict command of LAURENT ESSO. This journalist managed somehow to procure some confidential documents that involved the fraudulent acquisition of a petroleum transporting vessel called RIO DEL REY (named after RIO DEL REY petroleum basin in BAKASSI) with the DG of SNH, ADOLF MOUDIKI. The same kind of fraudulent deals are what we witnessed with presidential plane ALBATROSS as well as the infamous MA60 purchases or the abandoned military helicopter that was procured refurbished and brought home and it crashed and killed army personnel, or the acquisition of the 100 year old abandoned locomotive from china that was refurbished and painted new and it lead to the death of hundreds in the ugly ESEKA 152 TRAIN OF DEATH. Now that dead men tell no tales, we cannot be sure of what this journalist wanted to do with those documents, in my modest opinion, he may have tried to hatch a blackmailing deal with LAURENT ESSO which must have failed and that lead to his death. Media organs bought the case and all sorts of analysis were made but the bottom line remained the same: all accusing fingers pointed at one man; LAURENT ESSO. The family of the deceased planed a march across Yaoundé on the day of the removal that will culminate in their dumping the corpse of the deceased at LAURENT ESSOs MVAN residence but for the intervention of the police forces who masterminded the entire removal under the guise of preserving law and order. Being a friend to the prince, he was never called up to answer any questions and the matter die naturally. Till date, Mr. ESSO has not been charged for his atrocities.


HARISSOU was accused of terrorism and has been in detention for many years now without any legitimate proof or any formal charge that has been levied against him. At the time of writing this article, Press reports that he is currently on hunger strike over such denial of his basic and fundamental rights and the denial of justice. As we speak, HARRISOU case has never seen the light of day and no one dares to raise a single finger. The underlying agenda was that MARAFA had presidential ambitions and was quickly tagged with corruption so as to be eliminated from the Political Scene while their devilish machinations continue as to who will succeed the President. If it was about corruption;

MINETTE LIBONG who transferred 9 billion xaf into her sons account in the USA won’t be walking free

MARIE CLAIRE NANA of SOPECAM who had a deficit of 8 billion xaf won’t be a free woman today.

MAMA FOUDA of Public Health wont boast openly about the theft of over 500 million xaf from his residence (which is more than the capital of many of our micro-finances institutions) and nothing happens to him.

TSIMI EVOUNA won’t announce the theft of over 700 million xaf from his residence and no one dares to question him.

The military attaché to Cameroons embassy was caught by French authorities with billions in cash that was hidden in a diplomatic valise with instructions from MEBE NGOO for the purchase of a villa in Paris by the latter, that lieutenant was deferred to BMM KONDENGUI where he is awaiting trial and MEBE NGOO remains a free man till date.

ANTOINE SAMBA who built an estimated 26 billion xaf mansion in Yaoundé with ivory and marble should have been executed by now. We all saw the list on MAMI GERA post as far back as 2010 and its a partial list. Anyone can make a projection to what it can be now, 7 years later.

As if it wasnt enough, president biya decided to terminate HARISSOUs profession as a notary at age 67 to further frustrate him for defending MARAFA who is the enemy of State, even though FOUMAN AKAME who is 75 and LAURENT ESSO and MEKOBE SONE who are of the same age are still in office. We see a perfect match between the MARAFA/HARISSOU scenario and AYAHs political case. Both had Presidential ambitions, Legal backgrounds and their Defense Counsels are frustrated even though in AYAHs case his lawyers were threatened to abandon him or die. Ayah too was retired though his colleagues who are 10 year older are still in office. Once again, the direct hand of LAURENT ESSO as the minister of justice is clearly seen here.

CAPTAIN BOUBA SIMALA (CAVAYEs body guard and relative) was falsely accused of terrorism including multiple charges of abduction with the use of a fire arm. Details of the family feud that exist between the duo was not elaborated by the press though the latter insisted on the fact that it was a family feud. BOUBA who is a senior officer in the Cameroon Army was detained almost indefinitely for 2 years without any formal charge or any Court appearance. One wonders how a person can be arrested without any evidence and detained for so long under the guise of building his case file in a country that claims to respect the RULE OF LAW. Till the day BOUBA was released on bail, no one told him why he was being detained or how he violated the laws of the land, even then, CAVAYE still insist that be remanded in custody for fear of reprisal. BOUBA has never made a statement or a public appearance since he was released claiming that his family was his priority. Once again we see the hand of LAURENT ESSO who is the State prosecutor


This highly obnoxious law was tabled in parliament and defended by LAURENT ESSO just 2 months after BLAISE CAMPAORE of BURKINA FASO was deposed through massive street demonstrations over the latters bid to amend the Constitution and become President for life. For fear that such a scenario could repeat itself in Cameroon as the citizens had become exasperated by the Biya regime; LAURENT ESSO defended this obnoxious Bill in Parliament under the guise of preserving the peace. The Parliament itself being worse that a RUBBER STAMP that is made up of cattle rearers, concubines of big men, conmen, First School holders and semi literate citizens including spent forces like ENOW TANJONG, MARCEL NIAT AND CAVAYE YEGUE DJIBRIL who have attained advanced senility and intellectual menopause are there to interpret the Constitution and other laws of the Land.
The definition of terrorism is so extensive and so subjective such that anything can be tagged on citizens to try them for terrorism even a private meeting in a residence regardless of the fact that the Rights and Liberties and Freedoms of citizens are violated and the State is empowered to violate any fundamental right under this law in the name of preserving peace when the actual agenda is the RISE OF REPRESSION to silence any opposition or dissenting voices to BIYAS eternal rule and the DEATH SENTENCE and INDEFINITE DETENTION are used to terrorize and intimidate the masses as we have with the Anglophone problem. This Law provides for arbitrary arrests, indefinite detentions, violations of privacies such as spying on citizens, monitoring citizens communications, violating the privacy of homes and private properties and citizens can be charged for not denouncing terrorist suspects whether they can prove it or not.


A replica of the Antiterrorism Law that is mentioned above was extended to the Army. The so called Military Justice Code was simply copied and pasted from the anachronic French military code of the 1930s in the wake of rising dissent within the military. We had the MINUSCA demonstration last year where over 200 soldiers of all ranks mounted the streets of Yaoundé, clamoring for their unpaid dues since they returned from the RCA mission and the 33 soldiers who mounted barricades in Maroua a few months ago for a similar purpose. BETI ASSOMO moved fast and in no time, they were whisked off to Yaoundé by special helicopter flight sur tres haut instructions du chef de letat. There was hardly a helicopter to transport victims of the ESEKA crash who desperately needed medical attention. These victims were left to the mercy of bike riders and villagers who knew nothing about first aid or medical ethics but there was a ready helicopter to transport mutiny soldiers. Press reports that if there was a way of evacuating the victims to Yaoundé and Douala, many would have survived but this wasnt the case. BETI ASSOMO and LAURENT ESSO were quick to defend this Bill in Parliament because they feel threatened that such repeated mutiny could topple the BIYA government. BETI ASSOMO mounted the stage repeatedly and threatened the mutineers with death penalties and all the like but makes no mention of the BANDITS who have swindled what rightfully belongs to the mutineer soldiers and remain free men while those who are asking for nothing but their entitlement are about to face the death penalt. Big fish swallow small fish for inside water.monkey d work baboon d chop.


Our brothers and sister demonstrated for their Rights to be granted them and they were all abducted without any warrant and transferred to Yaoundé in the worst case of violations and Human Rights Abuses that the Anglophones have ever witnessed in this country. Till date, many have been whisked off to unknown destinations without the knowledge of their loved ones. Have some of us imagined for once what these detainees have gone through for 7 months now or what their families are going through? Many have been declared missing as we read in the Press, the African charter of Human Rights makes mention of over 100 Anglophones that are still missing and no one knows for sure if they are still alive or not because it became a kind of human trafficking with people being ferried and re-ferried to different destinations. These instructions were given by LAURENT ESSO and today civilians are facing the MILITARY TRIBUNAL in Yaoundé as if anyone was seen with a gun, with a grenade or with a bomb, away from their homes/location where the alleged crimes were committed and contrary to all the laws of the land. Many are malnourished, some have died, others in poor health since they cannot be taken care of by their families nor do their families know their whereabouts, all these, thanks to one man; LAURENT ESSO. Many international Many like Prof CHIA, AYAH PAUL, JOURNALISTS and others have been detained without charge for 6 months and no one has told them why they are detained and what crime they are accused of. Why were they arrested in the first case if there wasnt sufficient evidence against them? Do you detain someone before looking for a way to build his case file or you arrest someone when there is sufficient evidence against him? Even with the ongoing trial in the kangaroo court, the AGBORBALLA, MANCHO and FONTEM case has not seen the light of day with repeated adjournments for the most flimsy of reasons thanks to one man; LAURENT ESSO.


This Bishop disappeared from his residence in what has been the most controversial death of a prelate in Cameroon as compared to the over 9 key religious figures that have died mysteriously over the last 30 years. As usual, no one has been brought to book over such mysterious deaths and the culprits have gone free. However, the invisible hand of the BIYA regime has been at the centre of the polemics with high ranking men in the likes of MARTIN BELINGA who was the last person to speak to the Bishop by phone has taken centre stage. It is thanks to BELINGAs late call that Bishop BALLA left his house and never returned till his corpse was dumped into the river two days later. The first autopsy report clearly shows that he was sexually abused before he died, he did not die of drowning and his corpse lasted only 4 hours in water. Of recent, the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the centre region JEAN FILS NTAMMACK (LAURENT ESSOs new puppet and new hang man, the same person who dismissed the VANESSA TCHATCHOU and MIMBOMAN cases that are mentioned above) signs a public notice that from the infamous INTERPOL autopsy report, the probable cause of the bishops death is by drowning, however investigations are still going on. 3 billion was spent for that autopsy and the government readily paid the money at a time when the entire economy is on its knees, raising so many questions. Its such a surprise for a learned man to make such a declaration; He used the conditional tense (probable) stipulating that the autopsy is inconclusive? So how did drowning result in the exchange of the Bishops shoes, right to left and left to right? How comes it that the corpse was not swollen and no drop of water was found in the deceased lungs or stomach?

The turning point here is that the so called professional of international renown that was hired by the Cameroon government and by INTERPOL, MARK MULDER does not exist nor has any track record online, anyone can Google it, what you get is the profile of a former American baseball player. So who is this MULDER who isnt known in the international scene in the digital age a renowned doctor doesnt have any electronic profile; email, Facebook or so. The only profile I go was that of Professor MICHAEL TSOKOS, a renowned forensic expert. So who is this MARK MULDER the state is brandishing to the public?

Yet another lie by magistrate NTAMMACK is that the corpse of the late bishop has been handed to the catholic authorities for burial when it is NOT the case, following recent declarations by bishop KLEDA as recently as yesterday 11th July 2017. Once again we see the hand of LAURENT ESSO that is wielding things in favour of the State to cover up their EVIL.


The higher judicial council met on the 7th of June 2017 where appointments, integrations, transfers, retirements and sanctions of magistrates are pronounced. One month later, the dismissal of PAUL MAGNAGUEMABE is pronounced. The only form where a magistrate can be sanctioned is within the convocation of the HIGHER JUDICIAL COUNCIL. After the June 7th meeting, there hasnt been any other such meeting, let LAURENT ESSO give us the context on which the dismissal of this magistrate came about because as we know, the HIGHER JUDICIAL COUNCIL meets once in at times 3 years and the last meeting just passed. LAURENT ESSO claims that the above magistrate infracted the law some 20 years ago when he was a magistrate while serving in DSCHANG, claiming that he confiscated and sold the cocoa farm of a third party using his powers as a magistrate, 20 years ago. However true or false the accusation is, we cannot corroborate because we havent heard the magistrates version. The puzzling aspect is the duration it took for it to surface. LAURENT ESSO had the file, he knew about the crime and he kept quiet, till when the magistrate refused to obey his orders in incriminating innocent citizens for the settlement of political scores in ESSOs favour that this issue is coming up. We got word that some sensitive dossiers were handed to him like in the past for him to prosecute and sent the big guns to jail but he refused, claiming that when he retires, he will like to live peacefully in Cameroon with his family instead of creating enemies every day. Today, this magistrate is about to face the same treatment he gave to citizens during his career. This is the same magistrate that was used in the past to incriminate and condemn MARAFA, INONI, ATANGANA MEBARA, ABAH ABAH and many other political prisoners in the past. LAURENT ESSO has been using this magistrate to do his DIRTY JOBS until now that their relationship has severed that LAURENT ESSO has turned against him.

AHMED ABBA of RFI and 3 Cameroonian youths are serving 10 year jail terms under the infamous ANTI-TERRORISM LAW. AHMED ABBA was accused of not denouncing terrorism to the State, when it is very clear that a journalist should not disclose the source of his information as part of their professional ethics. In spite of the entire national and international outcry against the accusation, this journalist was sentenced to 10 years jail. The same argument applies to some 03 youths who exchanged a joke over sms over BOKO HARAM, they were charged and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, yet the one who announced repeatedly on the highest law-making platform of the land that BOKO HARAM was among us has never been called to explain the implication of such a sweeping statement. Later on, the same personality was caught on video, justifying recruitment into BOKO HARAM as the consequence of massive unemployment and poverty in the Grand North was responsible for the youths joining BOKO HARAM. Making such sweeping declarations means that CAVAYE has enough evidence to back his claims yet he has never been questioned in that regard.
Conclusion: the DEVILS ADVOCATE has perpetrated a lot of wickedness in this land that no write up can be exhaustive on his activities. As mentioned before, his SAWA origin has been questioned in many quarters for we all know the SAWAS to be chicken hearted and elusive in nature but the DEVILS ADVOCATE is far from anything SAWA. He comes from one of the WARRIOR TRIBES in the North where VENGEANCE and VENDETTA are the order of the day. It takes quite an effort to see a smile on his face. He controls the Courts, he controls the Army, he controls the Press but he doesnt control Time and the biological clock is ticking and it cannot be stopped as the hour glass empties itself of its content. i feel sorry for his wife and for his kids who will have to pay the heavy price when he will no longer be there. Some of them have become so evil that they no longer believe they will die someday, having been so deeply entrenched into demonism, human blood and mysticism but the day of the LORD is near and they will be brought to book. If they dont pay, their children will pay. HE SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO GO SCUD FREE.

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