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School Resumption: Cameroun Government Caught Flagrante Delito







Cameroun Government Caught Flagrante Delito

God has a way of doing things. In a meeting today in Kumbo largely boycotted by educational stakeholders with just about 6 headmasters out of 60 in the County and just 2 principals, one mayor out of more than 18 present, the SDO finally told the world that they are not interested in education. And that their campaign for school resumption is just for political reasons.

Bui County with the support of UNESCO has been advocating for community schools in the County so that our people can study. However, the SDO furiously got up and said over his dead body shall community schools be allowed to begin. The SDO says come September 3rd, traditional schools must resume. The SDO threatened to cut the salaries of teachers. Everyone is asking why will those who really say children have been deprived of school now reject and swear that community schools cannot run except their traditional schools as it then was?

Community schools have been approved by the Community leaders and Bui Warriors have given their blessings and declare those areas a safe zone. Now we know those who do not want our people to be educated

It should be recalled that for the past two years now as a result of the armed conflict in Southern Cameroons between Separatist Forces and Cameroun Forces, more than 80 percent of schools have been forced to shut down.


Mark Bareta

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