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Ambazonia Forces Show Bravery, Ambush Governor Convoy





Ambazonia Forces Show Bravery

Victory once again for Ambazonians. The BSCRF in Boyo (Njinikom to be premised) under the operational command of Brigadier General Gola stopped the Northern zone colonial Governor Mr Lele L’afrique’s visit to Fundong on Wednesday 7 August 2919. A report directly from the Brigadier General to BaretaNews gives us a clear picture of what happened on Wednesday the 7th.

According to reports, the convoy started suffering setbacks in Njinikom when the convoy fell on automated ambush. Four vehicles were destroyed including two armour cars and its occupants. The casualty toll here is alleged to have sent 2 BIR to the land of no return. There was heavy fighting and after losing 2 of their own, the Governor had no choice than to retreat and return to Bamenda.

Baretanews is informed they have been trying now for the past two days to transport the two armour cars destroyed to Bamenda but to no avail. The BSCRF in Babanki has sent a clear message that none of the vehicles will pass through Babanki. The convoy has been in Mbingo now for the past 6 hours trying to see how to get to Bamenda. More update will follow soon as BaretaNews have it.

The Soldiers of the BSCRF remain steadfast pledging to defend the Ambazonian flag with their blood and body.

Mark Bareta

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