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I shall bring in a Foreign Force For Peacekeeping In My First 100 Days- Akere Muna






Barrister Akere Muna has said within the first 100 days should he win the Cameroun Presidential Election, he will solve what he calls the ‘Anglophone crisis’. Akere Muna was speaking to Aljazeera news network some few hours ago in recently published article. Akere says, he will create a condition where all Ambazonia fighters shall be integrated into the military and be trained, refugees shall be returned into an already build houses, and he will negotiate with a third country to bring in a foreign force from another Anglophone Country or Asia for peacekeeping in Ambazonia so as to create a condition for dialogue with leaders concerned. Ambazonians see this as one of those political statements to woo the people to abandon their God-ordained revolution for a free Southern Cameroons.

Excerpt of the interview reads:

Al Jazeera: What will be the most significant thing you would do in your first 100 days in office?
Muna: That’s easy – solving the Anglophone crisis. First, making conditions ideal for the refugees to return [and] getting to rebuilding and reorientation so the displaced can go back home. Then, adding a system that brings back all these fighters by giving them a period to hand in the guns, and integrating them into the army for training.
It might be necessary to negotiate with a third country for a force to come into those areas for a short while – a force from an Anglophone country or even Asia. They come there, maintain peace and get the locals involved in the process

It should be recalled that Akere Muna is one of the 8 Presidential Candidates running for the current Cameroun Presidential elections billed for October 7th, 2018.

Southern Cameroons (Former British Southern Cameroons) has been in conflict with Cameroun government for the last two years. More than 50.000 refugees are in Nigeria with over 400.000 internally displaced Southern Cameroonians. It is estimated that over 3000 Southern Cameroonians have lost their lives in the current conflict. Multiple villages have been burnt down by Cameroun military, targeted killings and genocide ongoing perpetrated by Cameroun forces. The situation is in dire need for negotiations and dialogue between both parties. Recently, a top UN official in charge of Genocide Prevention called for action by the UN to investigate the killings in Southern Cameroons.

Worthy of note is that Elections in Southern Cameroons has been banned by Southern Cameroons leadership and Ambazonia fighters are operating in all 13 counties in Southern Cameroons. It is very clear that election in Southern Cameroons is a forgotten event. Mr. Paul Biya is largely favored to win the Presidential elections as all present conditions even the electoral body of Cameroun is in his pockets.


Mark Bareta.

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