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UN Special Adviser Calls for Investigation into Genocidal killings in Southern Cameroons



Southern Cameroons genocide






UN Special Adviser Calls for Investigation into Genocidal killings in Southern Cameroons

Mr. Adama Dieng, United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, has called for an immediate investigation into the growing genocide in the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia. The diplomat made the call while answering questions from a BBC journalist related to the current independence war in Ambazonia and other genocide and war crimes related matters.

According to Mr. Adama Dieng, the atrocities largely committed by the colonial Yaoundé regime are “concerning” and there is absolute need for both sides of in conflict to “sit around the table and dialogue to end the conflict”.

“The crimes committed by both parties need to be properly and independently investigated and perpetrators of those crimes need to be brought urgently to justice so that people know that no-one is above the law…

My worry is that we still have many people being killed, so far more than 400 people. We have seen atrocious crimes being committed. We need to have political dialogue but also demand for justice” he stated

Both the Restoration forces and the terrorist forces from Yaoundé have been accused of kidnappings, extra-judicial killings and the burning of villages. However, there are clear evidence to show that most atrocious crimes committed and still being committed in Ambazonia are being done by the colonial terrorists from Biya’s country.

There are also evidences to show that even those crimes blamed on Ambazonian Restoration fighters have been committed by French Cameroun sponsored groups (most of who are disguised soldiers) created to infiltrate the freedom fighters in order to pitched them against the local population and kill the revolutionary momentum.

It is the colonial regime that has a verifiable history of genocidal killings often orchestrated by its terrorist forces. Just recently, a BBC investigative report  analyzed a horror video of two women and children blindfolded and shot multiple times by terrorist soldiers. Their crime was that they were allegedly agents of the Boko Haram terrorist group.

Though international pressure has made the colonial regime to claim it had arrested some of the terrorist soldiers shown in the video despite initially dismissing the footage; there is no prove to authenticate the arrest. In fact, one of the names displayed as those arrested is the name of a late combatant, who had died a year ago and was buried by his family.  So how could the regime have arrested a dead man if not international deception?

Mr. Paul Biya and his government brought this war upon Ambazonia. Ambazonians have been peaceful people since the beginning of this revolutionary movement in the 1960s, which only escalated in 2016. The colonial regime has been caught repeatedly on Camera committing attrocities on innocent civilians and their villages.

There is even no case by international human rights NGOs and diplomats blaming “Amba Boys” (if at all they are responsible) for committing atrocious crimes. Ambazonia did not declare war on anybody. Paul Biya brought war upon the people of Ambazonia.

When people who have never been part of any conventional war, neither are they trained soldiers of any sort are faced with a genocidal army and an extinction threat by a colonizer enemy like French Cameroon terrorist soldiers, they are bound to be looking for anything and means which they could use to successfully defend themselves. The language of war crimes is for the terrorist forces of Yaoundé who all have at least 9 months of training in a military academy.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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