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Confusion sets again in the camp of the enemy as Cameroun Military has sent a second memorandum to Biya  on June 21st , 2018. This is the second memorandum to Biya about ending the war. The first was a three months ultimatum to Biya to bring a Political solution to the problem within three months. The letter fell short of openly mentioning that they have been defeated at the war front. They used diplomatic language to cite reasons for their inability to deliver expected results. If the military speak like that it means that the pot is boiling hot.

Among other things, they mentioned that the Army is in a critical situation at the war front and they are pushed to the wall, describing their difficulties on the field.

They asked Biya to come down from his high horse because Ambazonia is prepared to fight for as long as it takes and the more time it takes, the greater the army becomes. Military went on to call for the immediate release of all detainees

The Military asked Biya to instantly replace Atanga Nji, that he is a menace to peace in Ambazonia

That the comportment of the military at the war front has radicalized the population and forced them to rise against the government and the population is relying on the ‘secessionist’ for their protection

That the military was not consulted in the decision-making and all these actions will only be a waste of time and of money

The Military mentioned that Anglophone population doesn’t trust LRC Army for their safety, citing the burning and the brutality that Government ordered them to inflict on Ambazonia

They went on to say that the crisis can only be solve by careful Political tact rather than by Military means

They challenged the Governments Federalism stance, asking the Government to speed up Decentralization instead

Military says Ambazonia displaced and refugees don’t need humanitarian aid, that the aid will be used By Anglophone elite to buy arms to fund Ambazonia. The military claimed Anglophone elites are the biggest hypocrites and warned Biya in that regard because these elites want the Biya government to crumble reason why they are supporting Ambazonia.

They concluded by asking  Biya to send sports men and musicians to come and speak to the people.
Trouble days ahead.


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  1. Forkwacolumbus

    June 27, 2018 at 10:53 AM

    God is alive more is still to open water na water

  2. Mukong

    June 27, 2018 at 6:07 PM

    This french slave call Biya and his thieving tribesmen thought Ambazonians will be taken for granted for life. The military should not make excuse for him because they are just as criminary driven just as Biya. The burning of houses killing, raping, stealing from the people was not done by Biya. This is because in life, we must learn to take responsibility for our actions and not try to push the blame elsewhere.

  3. Sunshine

    June 27, 2018 at 6:28 PM


    biya’s military relish the war because they are benefiting from looting, killing, miming, raping and imprisoning Ambazonians. Ambazonians are captured and detained by biya’s thugs. This criminal gang is not trained to protect people. It’s trained to torture, rape and kill Ambazonians. biya’s criminals have not won any heart since the declaration of the war by biya and will not win any in Ambazonia. We pray and encourage our well disciplined troops Ambazonia to flush biya’s criminals out of Ambazonia.

  4. Chev.

    June 27, 2018 at 11:51 PM

    However this is the military you accuse if being wicket proving to be in a position of advocating for a peaceful resolution.This is a prove that the military we see everyday you show as evil is an alied militry wing to ambazonia,if they are complaining about the funding by Anglophone elites then I guest they are saying something clear and forward.The real criminals are in the house using what they thing are useless brothers for their political ambitions.

  5. Kingpin

    June 29, 2018 at 4:52 PM

    How are sure that this is not one of your many lies? Fake news for fake people.

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