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The Magnanimity Of Ground Zero Forces





The Magnanimity Of Ground Zero Forces

Our fighters on ground zero knew exactly what they are doing in declaring September Lock down before diaspora politicians (Sako group) are stepping in with confusion. We must be aware that our forces rely on this very civilian population to survive. The civilian population provides them food, security, intelligence and one of the reasons our fighters on 14th August 2019 declared a lock down on September 2-6 and 9-13th is because they wanted to give our civilian population enough time to prepare especially those receiving salaries. The lock down declared by diaspora politicians on August 26th against Ground Zero Forces orders completely disregard the fact that you cannot embarrass our civilian population of a lock down in just few days and most especially depriving those who rely on bank salaries, njangies etc from receiving their money because of a lock down. You want our people to stock home with stones? Ground zero forces took notice of this before declaring September 2-6 and 9-13th

At the same time, while these diaspora politicians as heartless as they are becoming ignoring how such sudden moves drive away our population from us, these folks will be receiving their own salary freely and to some they will even feed on little contributions being made by others to their groups. These diaspora politicians have lost touch with the realities, in this case the Sako group and some of their counties heads who are just a real hand clappers. To them, it just about showing power and authority, nothing else. They have destroyed the little human feelings left with them so long as it project the illusion of a government.

Our forces on ground zero know where they receive their support 90 percent from civilian support, they live with them and they feel them, they see the reality and ground zero now understands why they have to lock the territory since Cameroun politicians and enablers think the right to school is more important that the right to life

For these politicians to sit in their zoom call abroad and completely disregard what ground zero forces have decreed is an insult to the sacrifices these forces are making. We must be seen at all times to support our forces on ground zero

Our civilian population should be allowed to collect their salaries, quietly stock their homes and prepare for the lock down in all serenity come september 2nd. This is our call and this is what we must support

God bless Ground Zero Forces
God Bless Ambazonia

Mark Bareta

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