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Biyalogue Monologue: Ambazonians Are Stronger Party



Interim Government of Buea


Biyalogue Monologue: Ambazonians Are Stronger Party

Ambazonians are the stronger party here. The world knows that none of us are rejecting dialogue. We have shown it over and over. Dialogue especially one which involves arms has a universally accepted pattern the world over used by various parties and it was successful. Cameroun-Ambazonia cannot be an exception. Just look at how they are going about it. Their colonial governors already preaching how to bring in IDPs to be part, their chiefs already talking about dance groups and their PM already engaging political parties making it a campaign issue. Just look at how they are making the thing like a ceremony, a crown for Biya. Just as Cameroun failed to follow universally accepted ways of creating a disarmament, demobilization and reintegration committee, and it has been a big failure, the so called grand national dialogue will fall in the same space

When two parties are involved in war, one party does not imposed and decide and call it national until setting an agenda. Dialogue is supposed to come from pre-talks, arrangements etc with a mediator that sets a venue, content, participants all agreed by both parties. Here we see Cameroun doing everything calling it a national event- a CameroUn agenda. In fact like others said it is Biyalogue Monologue and not even a dialogue. Cameroun has the right to sit and dialogue among itself. However, if the conflict must end, then negotiations and or dialogue must follow universally accepted norms

This is where Ambazonians beat Cameroun and the world sees it. The tweets from US Ambassador Cohen speaks alot. The world knows it and that is why they in their numbers supported the Swiss led process no matter how some of us saw it. Dialogue in this case has a format, it has its process which Cameroun has failed. Ambazonians must know that we are on the right tract. We are the stronger party here. Let no one fool you that the world will see us as not accepting dialogue. Tell them they lost it and we will not accept a charade, a political mask to free Cameroun from its atrocities. We will not be part of a photo up process to help Cameroun clean its status internationally

If dialogue must take place, it can only be between Cameroun vs Ambazonia representatives. Let Biya prepare his team, Ambazonia shall prepare theirs and we will meet on the table in a neutral ground with third parties so that we begin addressing the root cause of this conflict. This is the only way out without which the war will continue and God help us, we will spill it into Cameroun

Mark Bareta

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