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On Biya’s National Dialogue: Biya is a con man and Ambazonians shall not be conned



On Biya’s National Dialogue: Biya is a con man and Ambazonians shall not be conned

Do you remember the delegation, I mean the so called Musonge Commission that toured Southern Cameroons in the name of getting opinions from the people? Do you remember the conferences that held in Bamenda and Buea in the name of getting opinions from the people? Do you remember colonial PM recent tour in Ambazonia in the name of gathering positions? Do you remember the December 2016 meeting between teachers and lawyers in Bamenda where all ideas were packaged to the government of Paul Biya? Do you reminder the Laurent Esso and other ministers tour in the diaspora in 2017 from Belgium, USA, Canada, SA etc in the name of gathering opinions from the people? Now what has happened with all these? You will agree that all these were photo ups to pretend, buy and kill time, show the world that they are interested in doing something meanwhile they have no one iota of mindset of actually talking.

Take a look, the PM is engaging again in another rounds of consultations meeting CPDM , SDF, other stakeholders ( a repeat of things done already), what they have done on several occasions pilling opinions upon opinions. Now they are about coming again to the diaspora to do same thing they did in 2017 in the name of national dialogue. No my people, these people are not sincere. They are more interested in the derailing any real attention from the September United Nations assembly plus other pressures coming from foreign partners. They are buying time, it’s all for the cameras. Biya is a con man and con people depends on their powers to deceive.

The con regime of Paul Biya knows every single details of the issues. They know the consultations they are claiming to engage is for the dustbins at least it gives them a good PR. That is their only objective now. A sincere regime would’ve allowed the so called Tumi AGC to meet so that those who called themselves Anglophones could even present a unified position but no, they are interested in a national dialogue that neutralizes the Anglophones they will invite while using their Francophone majority to outsmart those who will attend. This is why Ambazonians were right yesterday, are right today and will be right tomorrow, therefore Anglophones engaging in this must know that they are on their own.

My fellow people, we have not come this far to forget the sacrifices of our people. We want negotiations or call it Dialogue if you wish but we will do it only as two parties with neutral mediators not engaging in a house full of lies, wolves, thieves and killers. Not on our watch

Mark Bareta

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