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AGovC Leader Rubbishes EU Statement On Cameroun, Says Ambazonia Sovereignty Is Inevitable







I have read with dismay the statement by the European Union on Cameroun. The European Union is credited as a norm setting institution. The norm of accountability as opposed to the norm of impunity inspired the founding fathers of the European Union in creating the institutions that have led to close collaboration between states of different backgrounds, culture and race.

The EU must also be reminded of the following:

a). that despite this normative framework its limitations in taking decisive action against impunity and standing for the rights of peoples to self-determination encouraged butchers across the continent. Its inaction in former Yugoslavia inadvertently led to crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide being committed. The commission of these crimes translated into millions of peoples being displaced, societies permanently altered and irreparable damage caused to the cohesion that has been necessary for socio-economic development

b). that its inaction and in some cases silent complicity by its member states in Rwanda led to a genocide that has irreversible altered Rwanda and its spill over effect in Congo is resulting in war crimes, systematic rape of women and general impunity of a magnitude unrivalled in this decade

c). that its inaction in Syria saw impunity taken to a new level where European citizens became emboldened and perfected the art of chopping off the heads of people. It also saw an unprecedented movement of millions of people within the continent, the rise in racism and great electoral successes in far right parties.

We must remind the European Union that the regime in Yaounde continues to commit war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against the Ambazonian people and that we expect the EU to take a bolder action in the interest of peace, freedom and a permanent solution that leads to the independence of Ambazonia as an expression of its right to self-determination.

We must also remind the European Union that butchers within the continent were never defeated through appeasement and glossary standard diplomatic practices that protected sovereignty and tyranny against the right to life and self-preservation. The Ambazonian people will continue their resistance until Ambazonia sovereignty is regain, its territory and people protected and all those responsible for impunity in our land are held accountable

Dr Cho Ayaba

President Ambazonia Governing Council

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