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How La Republique Destroyed West Cameroon Football Association



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The Marginalisation of Southern Cameroonian footballers started from from day 1 after the 1961 plebiscite.

Ahidjo organised a football match between the two nations in 1961 emediately after Independence in Yaounde .ie La République vs Southern Cameroons.

Out of the 22 players on the pitch, Only Humprey Mosenge was from Southern Cameroons. ( Former prison buea player) It was more of a LaRépublique vs La République.

We had one one of the most interesting football leagues in West Africa with teams like PWD kumba, CAMARK Kumba, PWD Bamenda, Prison Buea, Power CAM Victoria, Ekata Famers, Ndu tea challengers etc

The passion and rivalry between local teams was great PWD vs CAMARK Prison Buea vs Power CAM Victoria. etc Ahidjo Biya and La République slowly destroyed our football by closing all the Companies that were sponsoring these teams. They even dismantle our local Football Associations ( West Cameroon FA.)

Football in the Cameroons started in Southern Cameroons Victoria before moving to Douala La République. Our football league was more organised than theirs. There was too much influx of footballers from LRC to Southern Cameroons to play football.

We had great players but they were often overlooked by the national team after reunification.

The first Southern Cameroonians to be selected in the National team of LRC was Humprey Mosenge from Prison Buea in 1968 after a revolution by prison Buea fans.

Epie Nzams from PWD kumba and Ngo Frankline from PWD made history to become the first Southern Cameroonians to play in an official CAF game against Zaire . ie 18 years after joining French Cameroun.

Our parents were discourage with the way football was promoted in Southern Cameroons. They started discouraging young men to pursue football as a profession.

Despite all we still managed to produce some great footballers like Ben Bolla Forcha, Ajebe (Shaka) Tataw Eta Stephen, Ndip Akem Victor, Ashu Nchong, Ashu Hope, Njume Ntoko Roland, Agbor Hans, Njang Sunday, Simo Augustine , Ndiefi Pius, Ndip Tambe, Eyong Enow, Fai Collins, Clinton Njie, Marcus Mokake , Atem Valentine etc.

Dear Southern Cameroonians.

The Anglophone problem is not just about our Judiciary and educational systems . Even our football Associations and music industries must be protected by our own political institutions.

Our children will never forgive us if we stop this fight.

Nganguh Delasius

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