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First Female Defense Chair-lady Lashes Out: IT IS AMBAZONIA OR NOTHING




Miss Mbanwie is the first lady to head a defense group far away from homeland. Like others in the diaspora, she is the Chair Lady of the British Southern Cameroons Resistant Force-BSCRF with General RK as the supreme Commander of its units under him. As a woman and a former strong lady in the AGovC, Mbanwie passion, dedication for the course found her worthy and General RK solicited her help to act as a Defense Chair soliciting support for its group. Comrade Mbanwie in this article has written one of the best historical pieces a woman could ever write in the Ambazonia Liberation War. This solidifies the Ambazonia Liberation War as a people’s war with every facet of our society engaging and of course you know what a man could do, a woman does it even best. In this article, Mbanwie declared that IT IS AMBAZONIA OR NOTHING!!!… Read on



As we fight to reestablish the independence of Ambazonia, first as a woman, I must start to look and share with you what my worries for the future of our great but geographically smaller country shall be.

The fundamental question that has plagued us as Africans is : “Is there such thing as a good dictatorship?”

I live here in USA and I have mostly been exposed intellectually to the Western Propaganda of a dictator. But my experience as an African woman who emigrated has also been very instructive. Among other things I have been imbued with the knowledge of my rights, the need to fight and die for them and an entrepreneurial spirit. Yet I must share with you my worries because like all Ambazonian women we must forge the future of this dear, beautiful country that we are spending, bleeding and dying to fashion.

SINGAPORE: Singapore is a very tiny country. For 33 years the entire western world kept poking its leader Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) as a dictator. He transformed that strip of land into the richest country in the world today with a GDP per capita of $ 90,000 and HDI of 0.930. Can we truly say he was a dictator?

LIBYA: Wherever we stand on the personal fate of Muamar Gaddafi his rule over Libya remains a case study. Because he refused to sell out to the Western interest in his homeland, NATO killed the best hope that Libyans had. Today they miss him badly. Are Libyans happier today or safer than they were under Gaddafi? Either a people are served with a dictator or they are not. I have not written these two examples to say I support dictatorship. Just thinking aloud with you what destiny awaits us as we fight La République du Cameroun.

As a young Ambazonian girl who eventually moved to Yaounde as a younger lady; what is it that forced me like many of my sisters and brothers to flee to the shores of these United States and some even further afield? Even more why have we sworn to restore the state of the former British Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia?

The other side of dictatorship has pushed us this far!

There are some universal traits of a dictator. And the standards vary from one country to another. But in Africa and particularly in Cameroun our people have been forced to submit to its worst possible form and an almost cannibalistic form of its manifestations.

Generally when a leader forces his will on the citizens of his country, When he resorts exclusively to torture and killing of opponents and those who oppose his leadership, When he/she serves for too long in office, looting the resources of his country, When he enriches himself instead of the citizens of the country, When he empowers the military to act with absolute impunity even in out rightly deriving fun in publicly killing women with infants strapped to their backs and four months old infants as was the case in the Northern Cameroun, then you understand that you aren’t just dealing with a dictator but with a monster dictator who is willing to sacrifice all to maintain his grip over a suffering and vulnerable people at any price. We need to know that we have to buckle up as individuals, be mentally, psychologically, spiritually and physically prepared to fight with our sweat, blood, body and to die fighting if need be to Free our homeland. A true Revolutionist is he/she who fights so others can have Justice and Peace at his/her own expense!

The list of dictators in Africa is very long and the record holders have been the direct reasons for which most of us have ended up in the western world scattered like dust in the desert of foreign continents.

The most egregious example to date remains the sphinx like figure in Cameroun, Paul Biya. That even the slaughter of thousands of his own military by the valiant Ambazonian fighters has meant absolutely nothing to him as long as he maintains his power.I have argued with friends and foes alike and endured the most vile verbal abuses and threats of those comrades who have not differentiated the fighting from the governing process. In perspective they have all been tough but worth it. When the ANC fought the apartheid regime, it had to resort to every possible tactic to win. Yet Mandela was branded a terrorist by the CIA and the apartheid regime because they knew the ANC was an existential threat to their oppressive rule. On the other hand successive apartheid regimes in Johannesburg were never branded as dictatorial. Why? That’s your assignment.

In the USA the average black man in particular lives in perpetual fear of a killing machine called The Police. Before the Civil Rights Movement with the legality of slavery and the Jim Crow laws and even as demonstrated today by the “Black Lives Matter Movement”, is the USA as a government a dictatorship to the black man? It is all relative and academic to most around the world but to us as Africans and especially as Ambazonians stark realities that we must grapple with NOW as we concretize our victory over La République du Cameroun and Paul Biya’s killing machinery so that we do not bequeath our fate to our children and their posterity.

Every so often, as a fighting Momo girl for Ambazonia I take time off to go look at the statistics of Singapore and of present day Rwanda just to remind myself of the quintessential obligation of a government to its people. I ponder the balance between economic progress and political freedom and I feel obligated to think aloud with you comrades. As Ambazonians we have had to resort to an ongoing revolution because besides the colonial aspect of our position vis à vis Yaounde, we have had the double misfortunes of its gangster leadership’s terroristic and lunatic penchant to governance. We must be enlightened about this and know how our small ship of Ambazonia does not flounder into a Titanic with predictable outcomes. Colonial rulers and dictators will make promises that negotiate their subjects to defeat and abandonment. Luckily we Ambazonians see through all of those smokes. Our leaders must be prepared to push us to give our best. That is patriotism and we must expect it from every eventual Ambazonian leadership. The world is far ahead of us. Yet with the right spirit and the dedication we shall catch up. We are prevailing.

Short live the struggle
Long live Ambazonia

Vy Mbanwie (MomSy)

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