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Amba Boys will beat you down and that will be justice-Camerounese Dieudonné Essomba



Dieudonné Essomba


I don’t do a lot of posts on the English-speaking issue anymore. It is not because I changed my opinion, but simply because I wanted to let the time pass, so that everyone can see with their own eyes everything that I had anticipated and which will happen exactly as I said it. Four years ago, when this story began, I warned you: the unitary state does not have the political, economic, financial, diplomatic, media and strategic means to militarily overcome the Anglophone Secession.

The only solution was to return to the 1961 Federation, which was eventually reorganized. There was no other way!
But so-called patriots, encouraged by ideologists, pushed the government into the stinking swamp of a Civil War that they had the folly to think was easy.
Where are we? Left with machetes, the Amba Boys have managed to procure increasingly sophisticated armies, and worse, they already master the production of homemade bombs! However, the control of these machines of death creates a qualitative rupture in the course of the engagements between the guerrillas and the regular armies. Indeed, the control of the bombs to catch up with their weakness, by reducing the occurrences of frontal combat in favor of the attacks and the deadly traps.

The control of instruments as treacherous as the bombs creates an atmosphere of terror which strikes even the army which can no longer maintain the same serenity, since it can be struck anytime anywhere. In truth, the war against the Amba Boys has become very complicated! And we want to ask ourselves: why have we led our army in this molasses?
The fight against the Upecist guerrillas had been won by the army, but with the support of the French. The fight against Boko Haram is almost won by the military, but with the support of neighboring armies and outside powers.

Against the Amba Boys, what are we counting on? The English-speaking populations no longer want to hear about the unitary state and will never support an army that still claims to impose it on them. No one is supporting us outside.

What are we going to do ?
Moreover, the war is bleeding the public treasury white and the situation will be worse in the coming days. The price of oil, on which a quarter of the budget and half of the foreign exchange is based, has suddenly collapsed. With such limited means, a general disapproval of the international community, a total lack of national consensus, what can we do in front of these Amba Boys more and more unleashed, deaf to any appeal to reason and obsessed with their “independence”?

What are we going to do ?
Had I not predicted it? The unitary regime has played with fire. Rather than give in and come to terms with the federalists, he wanted to play the losing miser while wanting to win everything.
But the future will take care of your eyes: in their grim forests filled with crocodiles of the Southwest and their rugged mountains of the Northwest, the Amba Boys will beat you down.
And that will be justice!

Dieudonne ESSOMBA

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