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Atanga Nji Paul


Is Atanga Nji using Ambazonia for his personal gains?
Atanga Nji has been the most consistent in the fight against Ambazonia ever since the crisis began. All those who started the race in 2016 have chickened out with time. Perhaps, he has made the highest number of declarations and outings since the crisis began;

“There is no Anglophone problem, I will say it today and I will say it forever” (stamping the table with his fist in emphasis)

“Common law has no place in Cameroon”

“Anglophones are not marginalized. Biya trusts Anglophones even more, to the point where he appoints them to strategic posts. Imagine biya appointing an Anglophone to take care of his security. IVO DESANCHIO YENIWO as head of Presidential Security and myself, ATANGA NJI PAUL as head of National Security Council so how can anyone say that Anglophones are marginalized?”

At the height of resentment, Atanga Nji defied all odds and staged a CPDM rally in Bamenda that turned sour and lead to the burning of the LRC flag.

Demonstrating civilians were shot dead in Bamenda. His black 4 wheel drive car incurred shattered windows.

It is widely believed that Atanga Nji masterminded the negotiation ploy that lead to the abduction of Ayuk Julius and others from Abuja and he was rewarded as minister of interior after that. News came that he made several nocturnal trips to Abuja in a fake negotiation with Ayuk Julius and co prior to their arrest

It was the same Atanga Nji who once mentioned that detainees were doing well and they had gained so much weight in so little time. He even mentioned that they were subjected to three medical visits per day. Medical pundits raised an alarm over his declarations by saying that;

Under such psychological torture its hard for
detainees to gain such weight even if they are on steroids

Besides, if detainees gain such weight in so little time then they will die of cardiovascular diseases in the very near future.

If detainees are receiving up to three medical visits per day, it means that they are severely sick because a healthy person would not require such attention.

During his visits to Buea and Bamenda, Atanga Nji extended a peace plant to the Ambazonians, giving them two weeks to surrender or be exterminated.

When the Santa massacre took place, the first person to be openly accused to be the brain behind the evil was Atanga Nji, that he used the chief to organize a fake recruitment of AMBA soldiers then the army was called in to massacre the purported recruits and everyone who happened to be at the hotel at the time of the military assault. Conflicting evidence and so many unanswered questions arose about the Santa massacre, to the point where a presidential investigation was put in place amid national and international media frenzy over what really happened in Santa that night.

Atanga Nji was also accused to be the hidden hand that pushed Achu Julius and others to form the infamous CONSORTIUM of Parents and Teachers that dragged our Bishops to court as Common Criminals even though the politically motivated case never saw the light of day as it was not only void of any substance but the plaintiffs were imaginary. The military men whose names were used as the plaintiffs for the case to gain weight distanced themselves from it in written communiqués. I remember a certain Tumenta and Tamambang, high-ranking military men whose names were used in the case.

As head of the Biya 13 billion CFA humanitarian mission, Atanga Nji comes out and says that all the IDPs and EDPs are terrorists, reason why their villages/homes were burnt down and they don’t deserve any support. At the height of the crisis, such a statement can only be to fuel the violence and cause a total escalation of the crisis. The public then asks whom the humanitarian aid is destined for since the people in question are terrorists.

At the time when LRC is looking for solutions to the crisis, Atanga Nji goes further to say that Ambazonians will be crushed, meaning the war will continue and indeed the war is going on, Bafut, Batibo, Kumba and others.

About the arrest of Anglophone leaders, Atanga Nji says they cannot be released because on the day news about their arrest was announced; more than 1,000 people gathered to lynch them. Where did the people gather when the location of detention has been subject to a lot of speculation all along, to the point where even family members and defense council haven’t had access to them for 6 months running?

To crown it all up, atanga Nji said Ambazonians are now cannibals, that they kill their victims and cook and eat their flesh and use their heads for football.

ATANGA NJI IS NO FOOL, from all indications he is bent on seeing the escalation of the crisis for some personal reason/gain. There must be a hidden agenda that only time will reveal. All other politicians have entered their shell ever since, why is it that only Atanga Nji is talking?
When it started, several politicians took turns to castigate the Anglophones in the likes of LAURENT ESSO, FAME NDONGO, ISSA TCHIROMA but they have all gone dumb over time. Even the firebrand Buea Mayor EKEMA PATRICK is MIA. How comes that only Atanga Nji is speaking, creating enemies every single day?

In the past two years, Ambazonia has become the new political fund where politicians pledge their allegiance to Biya by fighting Ambazonia. Patriotism in the Banana Republic is now defined by the extent to which politicians fight Ambazonia, as opposed to defending the tenets on which a Nation-State is built. Lets not forget that Atanga Nji doubles as the head of National Security Council.

LRC military has decried the hypocrisy of the Anglophone elite, saying that they are responsible for the crisis that was carefully planned over time, reason why these elites have been silent all along. The army claims that the humanitarian aid should be stopped because on the one hand, it will it delivered the desired results, a waste of money and on the other hand, the money will be used by Anglophone elites to fund the Ambazonia army, the plan being to use Ambazonia to topple the Biya regime. The army openly declares that the Anglophone elite are hiding behind Ambazonia to topple the Biya regime. The Army also ask for the immediate dismissal of Atanga Nji whom according to them, has been declared non grata by the Anglophone population so how can he be the one to head the humanitarian mission.

The military declaration is questionable: If the Anglophone elites are funding Ambazonia, how come the same elites have been declared non grata by the Ambazonians or is it that the military want to sabotage the Anglophone elites?

Lets not forget that during the Mvomeka private meeting that held early June, no Anglophone was present there.

So whats exactly is Atanga Njis game plan here;

To cause an escalation of the crisis that will topple the BIYA regime

To show Biya a good face so as to retain his new job

To ensure that the crisis persists for as long as possible so that those in charge continue reaping from its benefits

Time will tell!


BaretaNews Contributor

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  1. Malis

    June 28, 2018 at 4:08 PM

    Wicked demonic satanic Africans like him. Look at his nasty self. A group of people that are so stupid, humanity has to redefine the word ‘stupid’ again to make sure their lever of stupidness is captured.

    He is a mentally sick piece of garbage. I think he was sodomized by Biya when he was in prison, he lost his mind ever since.

    The only thing that he is, is Biya’s favorite Toy.

  2. Pompidou Mensah

    June 29, 2018 at 6:21 PM

    No surprise, this evil,low crawling thug of a reptile will face the music some day. Ambazonia and the international community should brand him and bulu diable “The BUTCHERS of AMBAZONIA” A sick low life criminal bambay boy looking to enrich himself. Maybe france will make him the next dictator, francafrique, super undevelopers

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