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Ambazonia War of Independence: Bamenda Bikers Decry Colonial Exploitation



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Ambazonia War of Independence: Bamenda Bikers Decry Colonial Exploitation

By Bah Godlove.

One of the areas which prompted Ambazonians to pick up arms and begin fighting for their liberation is colonial exploitation in the transport sector.

Even nearly five years into the fighting, forces loyal to the French Cameroun colonial regime continue to extort money from bikers who work under horrendous conditions to fend for their families.

The most recent case is in Bamenda, where bike riders say they have been working for French Cameroun soldiers.

Several checkpoints mounted in the city in the name of combating insecurity have been pouring venom on bikers whose efforts to lead an average life end up in the pockets of the said forces of occupation.

It is against this backdrop that some bike riders took to the streets this Wednesday, March 17, calling for an end to their exploitation.

It is not the first time the bikers are complaining of inhumane treatment from regime forces who often confiscate their bikes each time the riders rebel against the growing explanation.

It is hoped that Ambazonian leaders will do something to accelerate the fight for freedom which many people have now regarded as the only way to put an end to marginalization, explanation, and subjugation from French Cameroun.

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