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Ambazonian War Of Independence: IDP buries Baby Alive



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Ambazonian War Of Independence: IDP buries Baby Alive

By Mbah Godlove

An internally displaced woman has buried her own newborn baby alive much to the disappointment of her husband and relatives.

The incident occurred in Bangantè, a town in French Cameroun’s West region, closer to Bamenda, the capital of Ambazonia’s Northern Zone.

The said lady’s husband, suddenly realizes that the stomach of his heavily pregnant wife had reduced drastically.

He inquired from his wife to know where the baby was that her stomach had grown smaller.

The lady however will not respond until neighbors were alerted of the situation.

It was at this point that the woman under pressure revealed that she had buried the baby alive out of shame, that she had another baby in hand who was slightly over 1-year-old and so could not keep a newly born.

Disappointed at the ladies action, the population exhumed the baby 24 hours after internment.

TWIF NEWS, an online news organ reported that the baby who was exhumed alive recently in Bangantè and is doing well in hospital.

The mother of the baby is internally displaced from the northern zone owing to the ongoing Ambazonian war of Independence.

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