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Ill-Gotten Wealth Has Driven Every Opportunist Mad In Fako – Mbella Moki Charles








Senator Mbella Moki Charles, a bona fide son of Fako County, and a slave to Camerounese parliament, has spat fire on the growing rift between egocentric politicians in Fako. In a long and straight forward opinion on his Facebook page, Mbella Moki made comparisons between the Fako politicians in the past and those of the present. The extroversive politician drew a conclusion that ill-gotten wealth has driven every opportunist mad, hence, accounting for the killings and survival of the fittest politics that now reigns in Fako. He rounded off by saying that “Let us endeavour to balance the power of God in our hearts with the power entrusted into our hands for Our God is still on the throne.”

Here’s an extract of Mbella Moki’s post on Facebook:

Hon. P.M. Kale (left) & Dr. E.M.L. Endeley (right)

The Rt. Hon. P.M. Kale and Dr. E.M.L. Endeley – The glorious days in Fako politics. These men had differences but no one wished the other death or boasted to have killed the other. None of them framed vulgar language, stories, plans and lies against their brothers and sisters with the collaboration of some authorities to destroy and kill each other.

Today, those days are gone, the men are gone, our identity is gone, our pride is gone, our heritage is gone, ill-gotten wealth is driving every opportunist mad. Now we see enemies where there are no enemies. We always try to light grass that is all wet; “things have fallen apart and the centre no longer holds, mere anarchy is loose upon the land…”

Why should anyone; a so-called Fako person, for whatever reason publicly claim and boast of killing a distinguished Son of Fako like the late Hon. Arthur Ekeke Lisinge and claim he has plans to kill other prominent sons of Fako yet Authorities are silent? We can see how low we have gotten to. Has human life become so worthless that we should toy with one another and operate as if there is no tomorrow? Can we put a human touch into our thoughts, words and deeds? Let us endeavour to balance the power of God in our hearts with the power entrusted into our hands for Our God is still on the throne. We shall continue to watch and pray. But, Let us quickly repent. We absolutely need to. We may not subscribe to the scriptures but what about the law of karma? God is watching.

It is an open secret that Mbella Moki and Ekema Patrick Esunge are in a mortal combat. In recent times, the two politicians have exchanged utterances that have made or marred politics in the Bakweri land. This new opinion from Mbella Moki clearly pours flammable claims to Ekema Patrick. It is alleged that Ekema Patrick and some other CPDM cohorts, masterminded the dead of late Hon Arthur Lysinge, former member of parliament for Buea Central.

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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