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Hard Questions We Must Ask Ourselves: Staying Positive






The real gunless Ambazonians fighters/social media warriors as well as all cool headed Ambazonians should henceforth kindly go on Twitter instead of wasting our productive time and energy fighting or calling each others names.

Can you all imagine all the time spent by Ambazonians on various chat groups and facebook hitting our heads against each other’s everyday being converted to tweeting time each day by us Ambazonians?

If we really want to forcefully draw the attention of the world to our case, we have no other choice but to kindly make it a duty to tweet at least 5times a day.

You never know the celebrity out here that can pick up one of our tweets, retweets and end up pulling a million plus crowd within few minutes to start speaking up for us and putting pressure on western governments as well. Imagine sharing this “Amba independence and UK injustice history series” on YouTube now called “wishes of the people of Southern Cameroons…Season 1 Episode (1,2,3,4,5,6)” on Twitter everyday with prominent western individuals? Episode 6 is highly recommended!

May I plead with you all thar henceforth, before you point fingers at the IG, ARCC, AGC, SCYL, MORISC, this or that leader, etc, can you be kind and honest to yourself for just 5min by asking yourself some of the following questions: “how am I better than those I have been pointing fingers at in this struggle? What did I really do today to move this struggle ahead? How many tweeter bullets did I unleash at la Republique today? Did I release my daily minimum tweets already before coming to argue on chat groups? Did I do something terrible today that may hurt the struggle? Is it time to apologize for hurting a fellow compatriot in this struggle? How can I be a better contributor to this struggle? must I take everything that appears troubling to me about the struggle to the public or can I instead approach someone in private to address my worries on 1/1 basis? How will my fellow compatriots feel when I ridicule him or her in public? Why am I first of all in this struggle? What have I, like an individual personally done to move this struggle ahead since Oct 2016? How can I improve my positive contribution to the entire struggle? How can I boost the morals of others and the entire struggle as well? Etc.

I suppose this is a better way we all can push this struggle forward in our individual ways rather than sitting and waiting everyday for our leaders or groups to move things for us while our ONLY duty in this struggle is little talks and promotion of hate amongst Ambazonians.

I strongly believe that now is the time than never before for us as a people to individually and collectively change our previous negative ways in this struggle; in order to be able to skyrocket this struggle to Buea at an unimaginable pace.

All that said, let’s therefore spend more time on tweeting than finger pointing each other everyday. This practice has not helped us so far but beginning to make us loose focus on the fundamental reasons why we are all in this struggle beginning Oct 2016. Let us all be like our exemplary footsoldiers in ground zero who have been fighting La Republique tirelessly without lifting a single finger at any Ambozonian because they all believe in a free Ambaland and thus have been putting Ambaland first in everything they do like true compatriots, as we all have witnessed so far.

Let’s always think about the kind of footprints we would love to leave in this struggle for posterity before making decisions about whether or not to propagate conspiracy theories, cheap propaganda, hate and malicious statements against any Ambazonian individual or group…

Patience, determination, consistency, collaboration & facilitation, forgiveness, love for one another and positive contributions to the struggle should therefore, henceforth be our main ingredients in our quest to freedom as we all continue to march towards Buea.

That’s why, in Ambazonia I trust! As far as I’m concerned, my homeland Ambaland come first before everything (IG, Groups, leaders, etc) in this struggle. What about you?

May God bless Ambaland and equally grant us all the wisdom which we all badly need in this struggle at the moment..


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