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Southern Cameroons is a geographical description and not a name-Dr Cho Ayaba



Interim Government of Buea

Fellow Ambazonians

We welcome the statements from the US, UK, Swiss & Canada condemning the killing of Ambazonia civilians & a call to address root causes. There is only one root cause of the conflict: that is the occupation of Ambazonia in violation of arts 2(4) of UN Charter & 4 of AU Constitutive Act. The solution is the end of the occupation

The Ambazonia Governing Council continues with the conceptualization, operationalization, and institutionalization of the processes of our liberation. From conceiving the idea of self-defense and putting in place an army that now alongside others defend our independence to setting up Community schools and bringing back respectability to our international diplomacy.

Our struggle will take shape. The international community will recognize the inevitable. The infiltrators will splinter further and succumb to ” authentic and reasonable liberation leadership” or join LRC as many have done and LRC will recognize its demise and act as Ethiopia and Sudan did. We must be patient, truthful and demonstrate good character in the way we conduct ourselves on behalf of our people.

The name of our country is Ambazonia. When we shifted from Anglophones to Southern Cameroons after the London Communique of 1995, it was in the hope that such a shift will threaten Cameroon. Southern Cameroons is a geographical description and not a name. It describes the Southern part of British Cameroons and situates us within a colonial and decolonization context. We have restored our independence, ascribed to ourselves an indigenous name, and are bleeding in the defense of our nationalism and Not a colonial geographic description. Amba is real and we must continue to punish the enemy on ground zero, move from dynamic to static control and consolidate and stabilize our gains.

Dr Cho Ayaba

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