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On the Southern Cameroons Crisis: How to Sustain the Struggle?



Mark Bara

Applicable strategies to sustain a common man are those pertinent issues which can not be taken for granted in the Southern Cameroons struggle. These strategies will keep the Southern Cameroons struggle going until their aspirations are a reality. In response to the worries of many Southern Cameroonians on how the struggle can be sustained, Mark Bareta gives an empathetic response that will increase the enthusiasm of Southern Cameroonians towards the course. He noted that in a democratic country, the best ways the diaspora can help would be to identify and fund Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Southern Cameroons to provide support to the people.

However, it should be reiterated that because it is a political fight, any NGO doing things publicly in Southern Cameroons to help will be halted. To support, private teachers union have to be identified? Emphasis is placed on private teachers because government teachers have a salary to depend on. Moreover, how can lawyers be supported cognisant of the fact that most of these lawyers run privately owned law firms which have been shut down since the beginning of the crisis in November 2016? In this regard, benevolent support can be provided individually or as a group.

For individuals, the high-profile activist-Mark Bareta proposes the following;
1. Send money to your parents or relatives to buy common foodstuffs and share with neighbours. It must not be a crowd. Just a few persons around and when this is done, it should be shared in the name of the struggle. Imagine the ripple effect it will cause to bring Unity if we all do.
2. If you, your parents or relatives have a house in Southern Cameroons where private teachers stay, please suspend their rents payment. They should stay free for the moment till this struggle is over. If your parents or relatives depend on the rents then please take charge to provide the equivalence of the rents to your parents. You do not know how far this can go to bring unity.
3. You can sponsor privately local communities in your village such as clean up campaigns, educational debates to occupy students and give all of them some incentives. The bond keeps growing.
If all diasporans and those of us home who are well to do engage in these, then it will do well.

For groups:
There exist a lot of groups in the diaspora. Southern Cameroons communities and associations should be encouraged across the globe, be it in Germany, Canada, United States, Asia, Japan etc. These communities can raise their individual funds and contact the Consortium so that they can put the said association in touch with the four lawyers and private teachers union in Southern Cameroons. The funds will be sent directly to the union executives who will equitably distribute to all registered members to support them.

In view of the aforementioned strategies, Mark Bareta stated: “Believe me, these actions if we start today, it will strengthen our bond home and La Republique will not break us.” He continues, “as for me, I am taking actions as an individual and will be selling the ideas to groups I belong so that we can take actions. What about you?”

Take a benevolent action today and sustain the struggle for the good of all.

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