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International Community’s Silence Over Worsening Ambazonian War Of Independence: German Academic Cries Out



Alexander Clarkson

International Community’s Silence Over Worsening Ambazonian War Of Independence: German Academic Cries Out

By Mbah Godlove

The neglect of the worsening Ambazonian war of independence by the international community has become a center of attraction among scholars across the world.

One of the latest scholars to react to the cruelty and barbarism of French Cameroun’s soldiers on Ambazonians is Canadian-born Alexander Clarkson. The critical mind warned that if the international community does not oversee the revolution of the worsening armed conflict in President Biya’s era, the deadly war will exacerbate even further after the octogenarian will be no more.

Troubled by the recent killing of John Monono, member of a traditional dance group in Buea, Ambazonia’s capital, by a French Cameroun’s uniformed officer, Alexander Clarkson
wondered why the U.S., EU, UK, Germany, and France have remained silent over the issue.

The critic intimated that with the recurrence of several cases of human rights abuses, it is of prime importance that the prolonged war which has engulfed over 30 thousand lives be brought to a peaceful end, before a post-Biya era.

The scholar expressed the worries on his Twitter account, recently.

“You have to wonder whether any external actors including EU, France, Germany, and the UK really have thought through what might need to be done to avoid a worsening of all this when Biya leaves the scene,” Clarkson intimated.

It is left to be seen if measures will be taken by the international community to rescue Ambazonians who get killed in their tens on a weekly basis, by French Cameroun’s soldiers.

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