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Ghost Town is Law in Southern Cameroons: All Must Obey



Fellow Southern Cameroonians

Next week is a very special week in the life of this struggle. Next week we have to finally proof to la Republique and the world that we disapprove of this fake union and 20th May is our official opportunity. We have to conclude this struggle by nailing and ghosting the 20th May. This is the reason we need all Southern Cameroonians to be a warrior in spreading and observing ghost towns. Boycotting 20th May and staying home is not a choice. It is a law that all Southern Cameroonians must observe.

This is why all violators of Ghost Towns next week Monday 15th and Saturday 20th May must be brought to book. On 20th May, we would not welcome Taxi, Okada violators as they have been doing. Everywhere must be dead. We know CPDM officials will go out there and government institutions, these groups of persons must also be brought to book by the forces that be. Violating ghost towns on 20th May is a sin against the Southern Cameroons people and MUST be punished.

Southern Cameroonians are advised to be messengers, start spreading the message: Ghost Towns Monday 15 and Saturday 20th May. Ghost towns must be complete and total. No celebrations of any sort. The same goes to Southern Cameroonians in the diaspora. All public celebrations and gathering with any Cameroonian artist on 20th May should be boycotted. It is hypocrisy to ask those home to boycott 20th May then you go around to sit in a live show titled National Day celebrations to enjoy music. On this note, Southern Cameroonians in Maryland are in their thousands. You must boycott Longue Longue show on 20th May unless it is rescheduled. Use your power now to show loyalty to the course-boycott that show.

In the hours ahead, we shall reconvene to name Monday 15th May and Saturday 20th May Ghost Towns. Let the mobilisation begin now.

Mark Bareta
Bui County
Southern Cameroons

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