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Musonge Should Go To Sleep: Slavery Mentality Is Defeated




Musonge Does Not Get It.

We are getting reports that Musonge, the Chief Biya praise singer in South West is inviting top SW elites, trade union leaders, chiefs etc for a meeting in South West on Thursday. We know the outcome of this meeting. They will sing praise Paul Biya, support his so-called vision for a one Cameroon, support the nonsense called Bilingualism commission, calls for effective decentralization and ask the people of South West to resume school. These would be the outcome.

These CPDM elites should know that Biya and all of them have lost legitimacy over West Cameroon. Do they want someone to tell them that their voices do not matter any longer? Should someone inform them that West Cameroon people have reclaimed their destiny and destroy the mental slavery?

Musonge and co are only interested in their pockets and position in Government. Have they for once shun the government for killing our people? Have they shun the rampant arrest, abduction of our people? Have they shun the militarization of our streets? Have they shun the internet blackout of our country? Who are these guys really representing out there? Yet, he is rallying so-called elites to keep fooling Biya that all is ok. He is rallying people to show in CRTV that all is okay and he is trying to re-build the NW/SW lines. Oh God, we destroyed that already.

Oh shut up Musonge, you lost it. The people do not want you old folks anymore. You have nothing to offer. You are concerned with your pockets and immediate families. You can go on with your already planned meetings. The people shall continue observing the strike actions till the restoration of our statehood is achieved.

I hope you will bring Dr. Agbor and all others arrested with you to Buea if you mean business. Suck it up Musonge and Co. Go to sleep. The people are in charge.

Mark Bareta and I approve this message

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