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Boycotting 11th February Is A Civic Duty For All



Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium had on 1st January 2017 decree the boycott of 11th February and 20th May 2017 celebrations. The interim leaders of the consortium are enforcing that decision and the people from West Cameroon are fully in support. The interim leader, Mark Bareta wrote:

11th February Boycott 2017 is a protest action to remind the regime that we do not gain independence by being in this unitary state. We gained independence by agreeing to be in a 2 state federation. Yes, it is wise to boycott it to show that this generation is angry and to show how far the “union” has collapsed. It does not mean future 11th Feb would not be celebrated at least if we restore 2 state federation. As you said 20th May is a no go area and should never be celebrated. This particular 11th February boycott is important for the struggle.

Mark Bareta continues:

When you celebrate 11th February, you accept the slavery status of La Republique over you, you accept the marginalisation, colonisation, annexation over you, you accept the state of the union over you, you accept the stealing of your resources, you accept the killing of your people, you accept the arrest of your leaders, you accept the fake union and you tell the international community and UN inclusive that all is ok.

But when you BOYCOTT 11th February and stay home making the towns, cities, and villages ghostly, you send a strong message to the UN, international community and La Republique that the “come-we-stay” marriage has collapsed and now you must take back control of your state. When you boycott, you debunk the false union and you say ” Yes, I have a right to self-determination “. Let us begin claiming our destiny now by sending text messages and calling those home. Ghost towns activated for Monday, Friday and Saturday 11th Feb…”

Mungwa Eric, another West Cameroon activist on Facebook wrote why he thinks boycotting 11th February is a civic duty.

1. The object of the celebration has been corrupted; Youth Day and NOT Plebiscite (Someone who schedules to celebrate his birthday of February 31st is Abnormal – this is just the definition we will give to ourselves if we continue to condone this celebration). If we MUST celebrate this event as may be the case in the unfortunate future, there MUST be a reversion to the foundational Appellation and Purpose of the Day.

2. Boycotting 11 February Celebration by the combined populace of West Cameroon will aptly testify that it is not a DISGRUNTLED segment of the people under some form of Western manipulation agitating… No, it is a Red Flag to the Hyaenas of our lands and the Passive Blood Thirsty, self-seeking “international community” that a people truly have a “common concern” requiring attention.

3. It will be an invitation and caution to our historians, politicians, and administrators to avoid the Falsification of History… No matter how long it stays, FALSEHOOD will always backfire.

Every historic date of our land, we have the responsibility as the enlightened generation to correct through making our discontent felt by boycotting.

Celebrating the event under the present status quo is an indication that WE are okay and have no justification for the current protest whose origin is enshrined in this Lamentable Date.


Mark Bareta

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