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GCE Examiner Cries Out: The GCE is being desecrated



GCE 2017- my take

I have closely monitored events leading up to as well as activities of all actors of the GCE 2017 and as an examiner I give my humble opinion out of my own conscience without bias.
Most of those who passed through me can testify how much I love their success. Honestly speaking I want them to progress to the next level at all cost.

Since Nov.2016 schools have been grounded in most parts of the SW and NW regions. This part of the country is host to about 70% of candidates for this exam. We can then say that 70% of candidates did not study for the exam under normal circumstances. Worst still, more than 50% of candidates did not register for the exam.

The exam is coming at a time when there is too much insecurity and uncertainty and this affects students psychology and performance. Students in the NW and SW are expected to write the exam at gun point in the name of security. The so called security men rather creates some scare and tension in students. I don’t know how students are expected to write and pass the almighty GCE in these circumstances.

From the above therefore one can say all students in the NW and SW have failed the GCE even before they write., except the govt turns the GCE board into a certificate mill that prints and distributes certificates. I even hear those who did not register can go and write, lol. This is an abomination and a desecration of this so much cherished GCE board, the only examination cameroon can boast of. Should we destroy this long standing reputation for political reasons to the detriment of students?

Should candidates join in this dubious scheme? Should parents help to destroy this board that they obtained at so great a price? The answer is living in us all. By the way please let’s stop the threats on those who want to write. These threats cannot be overlooked and I am sure there will be serious confrontations. I can only advice candidates to stay safe and continue to pray that God may make haste to help us all.

Neba Nathan
GCE Examiner

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