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Anglophone Crisis Exposes Paul Biya’s Achilles Heels – Michael Fogaing








That Paul Biya has prides himself in transforming a simple sectoral strike of Anglophone lawyers and teachers into a civil war is an unprecedented feat in history as being our biggest national disgrace of the century.

The spectacular failure of President Biya demonstrates once more to those who still had doubts, the nullity of the human performance that unfortunately for the people of Cameroun, is inlaid at the top of our state. As usual for 35 years, President Biya has still failed and failed miserably at every angle and in every aspect of the management of the Anglophone crisis.

Here’s how:

From the outset of the crisis, the President has used denial, deceit and violence against protesting corporatists legally exercising their constitutional rights of straightforward corporatist representation, in accordance with labour standards. Because of these irresponsible and incompetent actions of the Head of State and his regime, the simple initial sectoral strike soon degenerated into a general challenge to the entire community of citizens of the former Federal State of West Cameroon which then legitimately posed the problem of marginalisation and asked a simple revision of the form of the state to reinstate the federalism that had worked so well from 1961 to 1972 before being fraudulently repealed by French Africa in 1972.

After all, is it not true that the conditions and agreements signed in Foumban as preconditions for reunification (not unification) in 1961 were fraudulently repealed by French Africa?

Unlike those deceptive utterances that apologists of the status quo allege that the Anglophone crisis is an international conspiracy mounted from scratch to destabilize Cameroon, the Anglophone problem was not born in 2016. It is in fact an old and well-known endemic problem unsolved in the 60s, which surfaced cyclically, as David Abouem At Tchoyi, well explained in his lecture on January 10, 2017.

In addition, President Biya has responded to legitimate and credible grievances of the Anglophone population through denial of the problem, deceit, intimidation and violence on an unimaginable scale. Hundreds of Cameroonian Anglophones were massacred since September 22, 2017 by the security forces sent by the President! Moreover, instead of negotiating with them, President Biya has instead imprisoned all the moderate leaders of the protest Anglophone camp, leaving the field open to the secessionist minority who cheerfully busy all the vacuum created by the incarceration of moderate leaders who asked the simple restoration of federalism.

In doing so, the president has indirectly promoted the Anglophone secessionist movement. More importantly, the fate of millions of students and English speaking students who do not go to school because of this crisis for nearly two years did not seem to touch the conscience of the President whose own children study comfortably and happily meanwhile in the best institutions in the West.

Since September 22, 2017, hundreds of our fellow Anglophones with bare hands would have been cowardly murdered by the security forces sent for this purpose in the Anglophone area by the Head of State. At the time of writing, hunting Anglophone man by the militia of the President continues it bluntly and in everyday life.

The children of the Anglophone area still do not go to school for a second consecutive year. The Internet connection is always cut in the Anglophone area of ​​the country. The militarization of the country Anglophone region is unprecedented. Thousands of Anglophone countrymen exodus in search of refuge abroad, particularly in Nigeria, neighbouring country. This is a non-exhaustive assessment of the strategic choices of violence against Anglophones by President Biya as the only solution to the crisis Anglophone, instead of simply negotiate peacefully with its Anglophone countrymen around a negotiating table inclusive so to end this crisis peacefully.

How to understand that our head of state who, to save the lives of foreign hostages and relatives of his regime, yet negotiated rehearsing with Boko Haram, which has killed and continues to kill thousands of Cameroonians, but still refuses so stubbornly to negotiate with its own English speaking citizens who ask that a better living together between Cameroon? No motivation only maintaining the status quo of the current centralized form of government can justify the killing of honest and noble countrymen who have done nothing illegal in peacefully exercising their constitutional right to public protest.

It is incomprehensible and therefore very painful for us, ordinary citizens, to watch helplessly our President continue to persist in its futile strategy of forging ahead and climbing gratuitous violence against the Anglophone population with bare hands. This is the clear and obvious invitation of the President begging by his actions the arrival of the civil war in Cameroon. We denounce in the strongest terms such inhuman and unpatriotic behaviour. The vows and the President’s invitation to the advent of the Civil War dreaded seem fulfilled since the news reaching us from countries report dead compatriots who now rely on both sides of the crisis. Peace to their souls!

The life of every Cameroonians on both sides of the debate of the current crisis and its sanctity must be preserved in all circumstances. If these reports prove true, the President will have achieved its objective of this civil war for which he himself has worked so hard and so selflessly for the birth. None of his griot or opinion makers will be able to rewrite the history of the personal responsibility of President Biya in this dramatic turn of the crisis was yet so crudely drawn in obviously in the sky as a danger to be avoided. Are we surprised by this another spectacular incompetence of the Head of State Paul Biya? That no! The President has played his real normal level. Let us remember that before the Anglophone crisis underway, there was also the reign of President Biya, the following serious breaches, to name but a few:

  1. Cameroon won two titles of the most corrupt countries in the world certified by Transparency International and still houses the highest peak of this gloomy charts;
  2. Cameroon is past his honourable rank of middle income countries and have very little debt classification approved by United Nations agencies (UN) before the advent to power of President Biya in 1982 than today heavily indebted poor country (PTT);
  3. Life expectancy of Cameroonians from 53 years before the advent of President Biya to power in 1982 at only 57 years old; 35 years later, compared to 67 in neighbouring Ghana;
  4. Our country has gone from a country at peace, actually enjoying his food self-sufficiency and having a trade surplus before the advent to power of President Biya in 1982 to a precarious country, importing its own local products and where reign endemic insecurity with at least four of instability identified, including Boko Haram who terrorize our compatriots North, Central Africans rebels who cheerfully spread desolation and even remove the authorities of the State of Cameroon to the east of the country, the civil war that has broken out in the English-speaking area of ​​the country, and organized crime that soweth terror by cutting routes and robbing banks throughout the country;
  5. All the performance indices of our country are in the red today;
  6. Etc.

This little corner of seemingly irrelevant to illustrate the systematic against President Biya-performance each time the Cameroonian people had to wait on that account a salutary decision every crossroads in the history of the nation. So the question for that truly works President Biya is acute. He works really for Cameroon? Working there rather for French Africa, the secular arm of French colonialism in Cameroon?

The context of the Anglophone crisis provides a suitable opportunity for the Head of State Paul Biya to answer for himself by his concrete actions to these nagging questions and locate its position himself in history, to posterity. If it really works for Cameroon, the President will convene soon, without further delay, all stakeholders in an inclusive negotiating table without preconditions to review the form of the state in order to establish federalism therefore parts of the country as requested.

This beneficial action of President save for a share of thousands of our compatriots on both sides of the debate premature and unnecessary deaths of the ongoing civil war, and reorder the crest of the balance sheet of his long reign catastrophic atop the Cameroon government, on the other.

Federalism much maligned by French Africa and the supporters of President Biya regime is not a handicap for Cameroon as alleged, but rather an opportunity and the best development solution in the current context of our country. Federalism will provide real autonomy for the regions while breaking one link was it local colonial exploitation infrastructure of French Africa in Cameroon, allowing federated communities to finally elect their leaders to be truly accountable to the people as opposed to being appointed overseas as is currently the case. Moreover, federalism allows each federated entity to manage independently its resources to end its local development.

It is absolutely true that no country colonized by France has a federal form of government, but it also remains true and eloquent that none of these states colonized by France through all the continents of the world n is able to date to get even that standing on some positive area of ​​human activity whatsoever, in the concert of nations. Cameroon needs to break the status quo out of the shackles of anti-development and poverty in perpetuity, beginning with reforming its form of government. While federalism was so dangerous for the country which adopts it as a form of government, Germany, Canada, the USA, Austria, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium, Mexico, to name a few, have not adopted, would not exist because destroyed by federalism and would not be in the majority at the head of the most developed countries of the pack world.

By cons, if rather works as it says in French Africa, President Biya will continue on exactly the same path that follows since his accession to power in 1982; the local governor Colonial real franchisee of colonial exploitation French counter that Cameroon, colonial trading post that he so religiously served for the Metropolis with dedication and selflessness since 1982. To this end, for many assume any consistency of its mandate proud franchisee of colonial exploitation of Cameroon, the President will continue to massacre as many Cameroonians as it takes him to ensure that the French colonial order immutable rule over Cameroon in under the status quo of the hyper centralized form of the Jacobin state in place since the days of direct colonization of Cameroon by France.

Thus, there will be maximizing the bribe or the colonial bonanza generated the Cameroon per year for France and assurance that France will continue to appoint shameless leaders of the country since the Metropolis (Overseas), so as to ensure the continuity of its colonial exploitation and impoverishment of Cameroon people. Of course, like all other Cameroonian patriots, we would be wrong. We want to see the Head of State Paul Biya we prove by its salutary decision to exit this crisis Anglophone we were wrong about his role, positioning or person. His Excellency President Biya, it is never too late to recover.

The people of Cameroon, the international community and history are watching you closely in this moment of existential choice for our country. As you define yourself your place and position in history, by your salutary action output this Anglophone crisis.

If this is the case, we will be among the most enthusiastic applause for such a change in your positioning. Long live the united Cameroon, fair, inclusive, peaceful and master of his destiny. NB: Diaspora for modernity is an organization of civil society of the Cameroonian Diaspora, for whom the independence of democratic institutions from one another is the cornerstone of his political activism in Cameroon. It is based in Canada.

*Michael Fogaing is the Spokesperson for Diaspora pour la Modernité – Diaspora for Modernity

N.B .:
Diaspora for Modernity is a civil society organisation of the Cameroonian Diaspora, for whom the independence of democratic institutions from each order is the cornerstone of its political activism in Cameroon. It is based in Canada.
By Lucas Muma,

Political Analyst – BaretaNews

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