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Cameroun Colonial Military Forces On Rampage After Mautu Bitter Mission.



 Cameroun Colonial Military Forces On Rampage After Mautu Bitter Mission.

By Mbah Godlove.

It has been a bad day for dozens of French Cameroun soldiers who stormed Mautu, a locality in Fako county where they met their Waterloo.

Earlier in the morning of Friday June 23, Ambazonia Freedom fighters (Fako Moutain Lions) engaged colonial soldiers in a battle the latter left with their heads in between their tails.

Amba Newsline, a sister Ambazonia reporting news platform reported that three colonial soldiers were eliminated in Friday’s fighting, adding that many of them also sustained live threatening injuries.

BN understands that following the defeat, things have not been good for the civilian population of Mautu who have been innocently paying the price of the defeat.

Homes have been destroyed while dozens of ordinary citizens have been tortured and whisked to Buea where they are detained under precarious conditions.

A source told BN that the soldiers blamed locals for not informing them of the danger they found themselves in, losing at least three men in the process.

Consequently, they invited a back up contingent of soldiers who have left denizens in tears hole/day. Meantime, the freedom fighters remain in a high morale as the days ahead look promising as the battle to liberate homeland from colonial occupation.

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