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Mr. Biya Has Lost Legitimacy Over West Cameroon.

Teachers and Lawyers since October 2016 have been protesting the erosion of the Anglo-Saxon culture of West Cameroon. Since then negotiations have not been fruitful. Instead, the regime of Paul Biya has resulted in intimidations, threats etc. Mr. Biya himself said “Anglophones” protesting are extremists. He made this call during the 31st December end of year speech. His speech got West Cameroonians ( Southern Cameroonians) very angry and they responded on 2nd January all over the world with a peaceful walk.

The Colonial Governor of the South West Region added the injury when on Sunday 8th January 2017 during the popular Anglophone CRTV radio talk called Cameroon Calling, Okalia said teachers who are protesting are ” Terrorists-Boko Haram”. His call has been condemned by the CPDM MP of Momo East, NW region who called for his firing. It has also gotten the people of West Cameroon very angry.

The Consortium which brings together teachers, Lawyers and other actors within the civil society had a few days back declared a Ghost town across all cities in Southern Cameroons.

The People of Southern Cameroons (West Cameroon) from all counties, villages, cities, and towns in Southern Cameroons have today proven to the regime that WE WANT RESTORATION OF OUR WEST CAMEROON STATEHOOD. The people have shown that Mr. Biya and his agents have lost legitimacy over their occupied land of Southern Cameroons. From Buea, Kumba, Tiko, Limbe, Ekona, Bamenda, Kumbo, Nkambe, Mamfe etc across all villages in Southern Cameroons have been shut down. There are no schools, no movement. Everyone is indoors. The Ghost town is 100 percent effective.

It is the view and position of many now that the Consortium is in charge. Today’s message empowers the Consortium even further to lead Southern Cameroonians to the promise land. Today finally gives the Consortium the power and authority to speak for and/or behalf of Southern Cameroons. The Consortium must now enlarge to entertain political actors within its framework. Southern Cameroonians have spoken. It is my opinion that the Consortium after today should take the bull by the horn, call for an urgent ALL WEST CAMEROON PEOPLE’S CONFERENCE so that a formal request for a REFERENDUM should be tabled to the UN. This is our cry and so do the people want.

Comrade Ntemfag Ofege went further and added:

“..Every war is a test of resolve. Mr. Biya and his Merry Men have tested our resolve and our determination. They have seen it. In fact, they have seen only a very tiny bit of it. They may not yet know the full expanse of the frightening resolve in the children of Ambas. However, one thing is clear. We prove to ourselves this day that we are indeed a people, a people proud of its history and culture and tradition and might and power and resolve. In 2009, the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights told French Cameroun that the people of Ambazonia Southern Cameroons are a separate and distinct people with inalienable rights especially the right to existence and the right to free themselves from colonization. We are doing just that. The issue is not nonsense talks about a federation that has no basis. French Cameroun voted against any joining with Ambazonia Southern Cameroons on April 21, 1961. The issue, therefore, is the restoration of the independence and sovereignty of our country. Freedom Land, the anthem says and to Buea we come. Good day….”

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