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Batibo Incident


The so-called murder of a lady alive in Batibo in a video that many considered staged has rallied the Southern Cameroons intelligentsia to ask many questions as the optics in the video shows a clear comic drama. Ayah Ayah Abine, the humanitarian whose organization, the Ayah Foundation has helped thousands if not millions of Southern Cameroonians has been codenamed Detective Ayah has not left any stones unturned by asking several questions on the video especially as it was first released by enemies of the Southern Cameroons state. Ayah Ayah Abine who has been on records to even call out separatists when some of their policies do not tie with the people has sent out tough 10 questions in what he described as a sacrilege. Read on


As we assume another sacrilege was committed in the land, I’ve been asking myself some very deep questions after watching the video over and over again for the past 20 mins, thus:

1. Habitual Amba atrocities traditionally force the victim to confess their ‘sins’/’crimes’ before their sentence is passed, or so do themselves to the victim’s approval/disapproval. Was this an exception to their habitual ‘modus operandi’ or simply drama?

2. It’s customary that whenever sacrilege is committed by the aggressor, there’s a counter or cover up reaction to balance the equation from/by the latter in this psychological warfare. Could it, therefore, be drama in that regard or another genuine atrocity?

3. To the video proper: how did he who first posted the video come about it? Such an individual wherever he is ought to be immediately arrested and questioned to set the records straight. Will true Amba boys send a video to a propaganda minister of the opposite waring camp?

4. The gunshot on the Lady/man supposedly buried alive produces no reaction from the victim. Not even the slightest of movement or screams or trembling before, during and after the gunshot. Not even a professional soldier who lives by the bullet will react that way in the face of potential execution. The victim surely is an extraordinary living being.

5. Why will the terrorist care so much about the position of the victim to be executed to the extent that they insist he faces the ground/soil before they start pouring in the earth? Of what importance is it to them?

6. Even the Messiah resisted death in his own way. Take a keen look at the victim about to be crowned with possibly the most painful death ever to be inflicted on a human being. No resistance at all; not even genuine verbal resistance. No genuine fear exhibited; no pleas for her life to be sparred. He/she barely even talks or sheds tears. The very unlikely reaction in my opinion. Not even the Son of God with all the heavenly assurance of the life beyond put forth this kind of reaction before and during his demise.

7. What if the family or relations of the victim? Any outcry yet? Or possibly the victim has no family relations at all. Not even friends?

8. One would wonder aloud how possible it is for a human about to be executed this way to escape torture before and during his last moments. The victim is simply physically OK on his/her way to heaven/hell.

9. Why is the video interrupted at a crucial moment? Would a real demon let this extraordinary piece of work, not see it to completion for it to be viewed clearly by those to whom the message ought to be clearly perceived? Didn’t we see the finished business regarding the massacre of innocent women and kids in the up north? Are inhumane conclusive messages from terrorist open to interpretation/assumptions or very distinct?

10. Let’s not draw any hasty conclusions as to whether or not this abomination occurred. It’s possible it did happen although one can convincingly argue to the contrary. However, the irrefutable truth is in the hands of he who was first to share this video on Social Media. Hope he’s picked up ASAP and questioned/investigated as to how he came about this video. And if it is proven to have occurred, the perpetrators shouldn’t be spared.

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