The Tapang’s Ivo Apology: A Revolutionary Moment



The Tapang’s Apology

I have read and listened to my brother Tapang Ivo Tanku. I think his apology is sincere and from the heart. Yes, I understand we have different political ideas on how to prosecute the war. It is good that this is coming at the end of the year, maybe we can get into 2019 a different people. I believe in the political idea that, if I do not agree with your ideas, I can disagree with alternatives that does not harm, sabotage, or ridicule you but that which only adds to the ultimate dream of a free land.

The take home message from Ivo’s apology is that, people should forgive him for any words he may have said which are hurtful and only causes division. He calls for unity, collaboration, respect, tolerance and compromise. Those are virtues I believe in. Should we apply these virtues, this next year, we are going to realise that, social media rancur, sabotage, conspiracy theories will all be dead. This will be reflected on ground zero and confidence building, collaboration will be things we will enjoy again.

I am hopeful that Ivo keeps true to his words and uses his talents to ensure that whatever goes out henceforth from him are only geards to build rather to stock anger, resentment etc. Even when we disagree, the choice of words matter. It must show sense of purpose, constructiveness that only adds to the build up process of a strong and united Amba people.

Fellow Ambazonians, it does not matter how many times one sinned, what matters are the number of times, we rise up from the areas we falter, say sorry then pick up and cross and follow him. Each day, so long as we are humans, we will make mistakes, there will be emotionally charged moments but we must recall that should one Ambazonian goes down because of the collective unity of our enemy (Cameroun), then the domino effect will visit everyone in different ways. We must stand by each other.

I agree with Eric Tataw, that we should accept the apologies of Ivo. How Ambazonians receive it going forward will only depend on how Ivo conducts his activism going forward but let us recall that WE MUST STAND WITH ONE ANOTHER no matter how charged emotionally we may have become in the past.

My advice to Tapang Ivo is that there is strength in unity, there is strength in choosing our words carefully and with social media, we cannot just throw them out there because every word we say is being screenshotted within seconds and used to hurt us. My second advise is that Tapang should open his Facebook comments section let Ambazonians express their feelings. Majority of Ambazonians will not be saying so if they never loved Ivo, it is because they understand his strength and wants to contribute in his posts. Should this be open and Ambazonians feel free in expressing their thoughts, it lowers the overall ill thinking.

My brother should understand that as a public figure, you cannot limit your posts only to friends commenting because not everyone can be part of the 5000 friends limit. However, offensive comments can always be regulated by ways of blocking the person or deleting the comment. Those are some of the sacrifices we are bound to bare even if some of those commenting are Cameroun agents. Indeed, people’s reaction to any posts will depend on the author of the post on how they agree or disagree with. I hope ivo can consider this and open up because it will show true steps towards reconciliation with those you have apologised

Above all, apologies are ours to accept. Let us accept his apologies, respect one and another and made sure we enter 2019 looking at only the enemy (Cameroun)

God Bless Ambazonia.

Mark Bareta.



  1. Sanda

    December 30, 2018 at 1:22 AM

    Well Mark, if the AGC and the IG can understand that they are doing more harm to this struggle through their hard-heartedness and unnecessary misunderstanding,than what they think they are doing,that will be fine. Apologies are not enough though a step forward. Please get a committee of elders to call the two groups to order.

  2. Coni man die, coni man bury'ee

    December 30, 2018 at 5:42 PM

    Apology accepted and you are forgiven… you can now be preparing your day in court with a clear head… your shoes, I would just plead guilty.

    With a thousand videos of you and your declarations on youtube, no need to waste Mister Magestrate’s time.

  3. malis

    December 30, 2018 at 8:04 PM

    This is very well appreciated and we thank you very much for it.

    I’m just imagining what would have happened if this came earlier such that our late general Ivo on ground zero saw it.

    Anyway, we still have RK, Commando, Field Marshal, Nambere, all the other mighty generals and the young ones in the womb.

    Stay independent and help us stay in the right direction.

  4. Yaweh

    December 30, 2018 at 9:23 PM

    This is really satanic

  5. Mbeuh

    December 31, 2018 at 6:16 PM

    Just when will we come to the realization that the lives and welfare of our fighters on ground zero, the lives of our refugees in Nigeria, those in the bushes and the thousands of internally displaced citizens of Ambazonia trumps all these petty display of egos and leadership fight in the diaspora? Why must we engage in this gymnastic cycle of apology and back practicing things we just apologized for and again apologizing?

    Please Ambazonians, the new year 2019 is just hours away. Let us enter it with a commitment to forgive each other, ramp up the struggle, unite in our focus to reach Buea even if we each shoot at the enemy from a different angle. Let us promise oursleves and act on it that NEVER AGAIN will Ambazonians be the slaves of LRC, that our freedom is inalienable and non-negotiable and that forward ever backward NEVER. Long live FRA.

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