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”Anglophones” Shall Reject Abuja Compromise, Referendum The Solution-Elie Smith








Cameroon Crisis: Let the people decide

This is the time to reminisce on the prophetic declarations made by two eminent Cameroonians: Felix Nkongho Agbor aka Balla and Joseph Wirba. The first made his prophesy during: Carte sur Table broadcast on STV and he said: the time will come when the government will talk about federalism and no one will give an ear in Anglophone Cameroon.

As for the second, he made his prophesy at the rostrum of the Cameroonian parliament. He said when the people of West Cameroon shall rise, even the combination of French and Cameroonian forces won’t defeat them. It was a defining moment in Anglophone nationalism.

No one in the government took the prophesies of the aforementioned men seriously and today, I am afraid there’s no turning back. Cameroon is finish and as wrote last year, this year the epitaph will be written on the tombstone of the dead nation.

Only the people and I must insist, only the people of Anglophone Cameroon will have a say on the fate of the comatose country. The outcome of the secret negotiations in Abuja,when made public shall not be binding if it does not contain the will of the majority. In West Cameroon, if the demonstrations of October 1st or September 22nd are in guide, then, the majority wants independence.

But it will be very cavalier to conclude that, because millions came to demonstrate in favour of restoration it is over and done with. Those against it will always challenge it legality.

To put an end to all suspense, the solution will be to organize a referendum under the supervision of the UN,UK, USA, the European Union. West Cameroonians, shall be the only ones to participate.

Elie Smith.

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